Don’t Even Whisper Bloody Mary!

A couple Internet friends and I were telling stories on December 22 2009, and one of them got this super long Bloody Mary story. The suspense and terror was nearly enough to kill me! I love scary stories so I decided to whisper it as I read it to make even more scary.

I got to the point where the characters in the story said “Bloody Mary” 6 times, I imagined my self spinning every time they said the name. About 10 minutes later I had this sensation that something was on my head, I figured it was just my headband. Then I thought ” Wait, didn’t I just take that headband off?” Then I felt something wet and warm dripping down my head and piercing pain. This was not a fun scary, this was terrible!

I spun my head around to see that a green fog/haze seemed to be lurking behind me. I tried to scream but it seemed as if I couldn’t. I looked back at my screen only to find that every …