Word Of Advice About Love

Never marry At A Young Age

I was inspired to write this from some thing that I read that happen between a man and a woman and it made me cry and made me so angry at the same time so I decided to write this in hopes that it may help others before they make the same kind of mistake.

Never get married at a young age. Make sure that you really love the person before you marry them. Don’t just say you love them just to keep them close. Don’t fill the person who loves you with big dreams, hope and lies while you are going around behind their back doing bad deeds and then telling the person who loves you so much that you love them when in truth you don’t. If you did love them you would not be going behind their backs in the first place cheating on them.

Don’t hurt them just because you can. Don’t lead them on because some time or other they wont take you back

The Ways Of Love and It’s Power

Does Any Of Us Really Know What Love Is

What Is Love

Can any one really know what love is or can you really know why you love some one?
No you can not I use to be one of those ones that thought I knew what love was and why I loved my husband so much. I use to even get mad when he could not tell me why he loved me. Now I can not tell you what love is. This is one of the biggest mysteries in the world to mankind.

There are different types of love that we show. I mean we love our parents different then we love our kids and we love our spouses differently then we love our kids. But all of that love has one thing in common. That is Commitment. We are Commitment to children and parents and friends by loving them.

Many people thinks that sex is love. It is in a way but not the right kind, if there is no true feelings inside …

Our Rough and Rocky Road

The Night is dark
The Road is rough and rocky
The Water is moist

The Beating of my Heart
Follows The rhythm of the rain
Falling On the rough and rocky road

I Shed my clothes to fill the rain
Beat Upon my skin
I Close my eyes for a moment
I see your face so sweet and kind
I Open them and dark has turned to light

The Rain has stopped
The Road no longer rough and rocky
But has turned smoothed as glass

The Pain has been washed away
The Past forgiven but not forgotten
True Love put me there
IN the light no more tears of pain
No more tears of sorrow

The path is seen that we must walk Down
Not alone but hand in hand
Till It ends for us
Never to look back
Never to let go

But to hold each other and see the love we have for ever and a day.


written by Tasha Slone 2011