The Rolling Stones

In the list of the many things that’s changed the direction of the world, you’ve got to include The Rolling Stones! Since their invasion into the music industry in 1962, the world has never been the same!

The Stones took various styles of music and magically melted them together into one exciting new sound! They totally extended the sounds of musical instruments into a new galaxy! And, started a “Stone-fever” that even to this day there has been no cure for!

Their first real gig was in 1962 as “The Rollin’ Stones”. The band included Mick Jagger, Brian Jones, Ian Stewart, Keith Richards, Dick Taylor and Tony Chapman.

In the beginning Jones had set out to produce a Chicago blues style of music. But, Richards and Jagger added a little Chuck Berry style of rock and roll to the mix!

Before long Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman joined the band and they were scheduled to play at the Crawdaddy Club. The gig ended up lasting for eight months until they signed a management deal with …