BIOGRAPHY Of King James VI of Scotland and King James I of England

King at 13 Months.

Mr. King James name was James Charles Stuart.

He was born in June 19 of 1566 at the Edinburgh Castle in Scotland. Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley was his father and was murdered on February 10th 1567 at the Hamilton’s’ house before James was even a year old. Mary, Queen of the Scots was his mother and was soon forced to give up her throne because she was suspected to have been involved with the murder of James father Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley.

So at the age of 13 months was when baby James was crowned King James VI on July 24 of 1567. The reformation leader John Knox gave the speech at James crowning.

Mary Imprisoned

Mary was soon imprisoned by her cousin Queen Elizabeth of England in England. Then after 19 years later after her imprisonment Mary was executed in February of 1587 for being involved in the plane of the Roman Catholic conspiracy trying to assassinate Queen Elizabeth.

King James was raised by neither mother nor father but he …

The Death Of Diana:Was There A Plot To Kill The Princess?

DIANAThe month of August is a sad one, not only for the United Kingdom but for many all over the world.  It is the month that we lost Diana, Princess of Wales, or as she was affectionately called, the “People’s Princess”.

Diana and her beau, Dodi Fayed, whose father Mohammed al-Fayed is the former owner of Harrods Department Store, came to Paris, France on August 30, 1997.  They had just returned from a private cruise along the Riviera, and planned to stay the night at one of the senior Fayed’s apartments near the Hotel Ritz that he owned.  They had dinner at the Ritz and left with the appointed driver, Henri Paul.  He was the acting Head of Security for the Ritz and had been instructed to get Diana and Dodi to the apartment with as little media attention as possible.  To do this, they had a decoy car driving through the front in which a throng of photographers swirled about.  The actual car that contained Diana and Dodi was leaving from the back entrance.…