My Experiences With the Ouija Board

After seeing the movie “Witch Board” I really didn’t believe in the Ouija board. Years later I was at the store with my cousin and there was the Ouija board. I purchased it because I wanted to prove that it wasn’t real. To me, it was just a toy made by a toy company. I asked the cashier, an old sweet woman, if she had ever played with it, she said “oh yes, dear, stay away, don’t play with it.” I laughed it off and bought it anyway.

My cousin and I were eager to get started. We put it on the table, turned the lights off and lit some candles. We asked if anyone was there and nothing happened. I got tired of waiting and said, I knew it wasn’t real. I put it back in the box and tossed it in the closet.

Months later my brother, sister and a friend of ours were at my house. My friend Kelly found the board in the closet where it sat for months. She said …