Atlas The Bearer of the Heavens and Mother Earth

Posted by Roses on February 26, 2012

In West Yorkshire Uk The St Pauls St Leeds building has a sculpture of Atlas holding up the earth repenting his sins against Zeus. To me this picture makes me think of Christ for he died for our sins and Atlas is holding us up on his shoulders for some thing he did but Christ Died for us for what we have done it is similar really.

There are many different stories that tells about Atlas but this one is most accurate from what I can find it comes from the first stories that told of Atlas and how he became the bearer of the heavens and earth.

Atlas was son of the first generations of the Ancient Greek Gods which were the Titans.

Atlas is one of the most well known Titans for many reasons. One is the war that lasted for tens years when he got most of the Titans and many of the gods and goddess to rebel against Zeus. All of the Titans were punished in some fashionable manner that Zeus

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Ramayana and King Ravana – Legend or a Part of History?

Posted by Roses on December 17, 2011
King Ravana

The King Ravana in his true Demon Form

It has been theorized that some of the gods and goddesses of mythologies may have been representations of world leaders of the times. Rarely though, is evidence found to conclusively link ancient legends to something tangible. However, one ancient story that has been regarded as simply an old legend may have some basis in reality. It is the Hindu story of Ramayana and the evidence that the antagonist of the tale, Ravana, may actually have existed.

In 2008, it was reported that the mountain area of Noroliya had unearthed some very interesting discoveries that have caused some to believe that maybe the Hindu legends of old were not merely fables. The Ramayana is one of two epics allegedly written by Valmiki that many scientists in Sri Lanka had written off as being merely an old tale until the discovery of a very old coffin and some stones got the entire community in a state of wonder. For it was, many believe, not just any coffin but rather …

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The Sisters of Fate Of Greek Mythology

Posted by Roses on April 5, 2010

From the goddess Themis and The Great Lord Zeus was born three very lovely daughters, or at least they  were at the time. As time passed they were known as the three ugly hags of destiny dressed in white robes and sat by the throne of Zeus

The names of these daughters were Clotho,  who combed and spun the wool yarn life of man. Lachesis  was to measure the length that was given to each and every living being which was their life form and last but not least was Atropos who is the oldest and smallest of the three sisters   She was also known as the Goddess of Death and was the one that did the final thing and snipped the yarn.   When this was done the man to which the yarn was attached to died.

The sisters of fate

The sisters of fate

Zeus being the main God and the father of these ladies  even had the fates kill men due to wanting his own revenge.  He was also known to command the fates not to cut …

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Judas Iscariot and Vampire Myths

Posted by Roses on September 26, 2009

You might have read my previous story ( The First Vampire ).

The myth about the first vampire ~ Judas Iscariot.

The Biblical Story of Judas Iscariot:

To begin with lets review a bit of bible history, for those of you who are not familiar with the story of Judas Iscariot. Judas betrayed Jesus Christ to the chief priests and elders for 30 silver pieces. Judas then felt so horrible for what he had done when he found out that Jesus had been condemned, he attempted to return the silver pieces, but the chief priests and elders refused to accept them from him. Judas threw down the silver pieces in the temple, and departed, he then hung himself.

How Judas Became a Vampire:

Now there are many beliefs as to how exactly Judas becomes a vampire, the first belief and most common is that god cursed Judas and his family to walk the earth until the second coming of Jesus, and until that time he would thirst for the blood of Jesus, which of course …

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