History of Shape-shifting Legends and Folklore

Posted by Roses on February 21, 2012

Shape shifting, or the act of one species taking on the full or partial form of another for a period of time, has its place in many legends throughout history. Cave drawings discovered in Ariege, France have images of half animal/half human creatures, giving way to the knowledge that these types of legends go back even farther than once thought.  Where did these legends come from?  Indeed why was it believed that either by will or involuntarily, a person could change forms?  With all that we know now of the physical impossibility of such a thing, why do people still believe there are those who may walk normally among the human race that have the ability to take on animal like characteristics?

The legends of shape-shifting are varied as far as the type of animal a person becomes.  In rare cases, the belief for some is so strong that it actually gave birth to a diagnosable condition for those who think they can transform into a half human-half animal creature.  It was said to generally …

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Ramayana and King Ravana – Legend or a Part of History?

Posted by Roses on December 17, 2011

It has been theorized that some of the gods and goddesses of mythologies may have been representations of world leaders of the times. Rarely though, is evidence found to conclusively link ancient legends to something tangible. However, one ancient story that has been regarded as simply an old legend may have some basis in reality. It is the Hindu story of Ramayana and the evidence that the antagonist of the tale, Ravana, may actually have existed.

In 2008, it was reported that the mountain area of Noroliya had unearthed some very interesting discoveries that have caused some to believe that maybe the Hindu legends of old were not merely fables. The Ramayana is one of two epics allegedly written by Valmiki that many scientists in Sri Lanka had written off as being merely an old tale until the discovery of a very old coffin and some stones got the entire community in a state of wonder. For it was, many believe, not just any coffin but rather the coffin of the enemy in the Ramayana …

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Native Legends Around the United States

Posted by Roses on July 6, 2011

The nations and people indigenous to the United States of America have very complex histories that, like ours, includes explanations and reasons for how things happen in the universe.  These legends and myths were taught throughout the centuries, being preserved by word of mouth, generation unto generation.  It is their heritage and their gift to those who come after them.  They are stories, to be sure, and not much different from other stories and myths that have explained things in the past.  These legends were meant to be treasured and shared, and we would like to take you, the reader, on a little journey through some of the different nations that are indigenous to what we now call America–and the legends that are part of their very rich culture.

The Arapaho people were among the Great Plains nations, once roaming the lands of what is now South Dakota, Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas, and Nebraska.  A resourceful people, they were able to often move their entire tipi and belongings at a moment’s notice if necessary.  It was …

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