Clara the Ghost

Ever since I was a little girl, I been obsessed with the supernatural. Me and my best friend often saw and heard things together, and thought they were cool rather than scary. Experiencing these things runs in both our families (my dad and brother and me only experience it, rather than my mum or other brother). At the time we lived in some apartments. I walked across the street to her apartment like I did everyday. I was planning on spending the night at her house, like usual. Her mom always set blankets and pillows down for us in the living room where it was more spacious for us to sleep.

At night, when one of us had to use the bathroom, we always woke the other up so we could accompany each other. But one night, at maybe 2 or 3 in the morning, my friend woke me up and stated she was going to the bathroom. She did not ask me to accompany her. She merely got up and left. There was a …

Sweet Sixteenth Ghost

It was my 16th birthday and I was excited. I woke up and quickly went to the restroom to get ready for my party. I took a shower, curled my hair, put my clothes on and set up party decorations. My party was 6 hours later though. After putting up decorations, I went in my room and watched T.V.

The lights in my room started to flicker on and off. So I went downstairs to look for my daddy. No one was downstairs, so I decided to call. I dialed my mom’s cell phone number and surprisingly, I heard the ring. I turned around looking for it and I gasped at what I saw. Going upstairs, I saw a girl. She had long blonde straight hair with a thick bang that touched her eyelids.

She had on a bright blue sparkling dress with sequins. The dress was short, about 5 inches above her knees. She had on bright blue heels with a silver rose. She was pretty and familiar. I took off my heels and …

Evil Spirits and a Scary Slumber Party

I’ve had a quite a few possible paranormal experiences throughout my life, starting when I was as young as three. Most of which can be easily explained away by some mundane explanation or other. But the story I’m about to share is one that I have yet to find any rational explanation for, and that is why I’m posting it here. I’m hoping someone reading this will be able to tell me exactly what might have happened. Don’t get me wrong, I think I may already know what happened but I’d like to get some sort of a verification from someone who knows more about the paranormal.

Before I begin I’d like to mention that I’ve changed the names of everyone in this story, including my own, because I don’t want this story to haunt me ’til the day I die (pun not necessarily intended).

The beginning of my senior year of high school I had a falling out with my group of friends. Even though I had been close to those girls for roughly …

A Hotel Haunting Or So I Think

It was a school trip and we all had to stay in a hotel. We were all so excited. We only spent one night there, but the night felt like 3 nights.

“Come on children, off too bed!” the teacher yelled from the bottom of the stairs. Then, in the middle of the night, “Help!” I heard screaming and crying. “What the in the world was that?” me and my friend, Jordan, stepped outside of our room, nearly the whole year was outside, all crying. The teacher came up and told us to get back to bed. then again, we heard tapping on the doors and windows. But the weird thing was, all the doors were acting weird, opening then shutting. I starting screaming. Then the windows were tapping and then my friends bed sheet got pulled off. “What the..?” He yelled then I passed out. I woke up, walked into the dining area. Everyone was there. All stained with tears and bags under their eyes. I sat down with my friends. “What was going …

I am being Watched and Followed

I never really thought something would come to haunt me. But, I guess you never really always get what you want. I especially didn’t want this.

I always feel like I’m being watched. Better yet, I know I’m being watched. I can feel it everywhere I go. I can’t go to sleep at night without feeling uncomfortable, like I’m being watched. I’m not sure if this thing is nice or evil, but no matter what it is, I want it to go away. This thing does not hurt me, but it lets me know that it’s here.

My first experience was when I was with my friend. This experience happened at my grandparents house, a couple of months ago. Actually, I am back, and I’m in the room that this happened in.

One day my friend and I were on my laptop, which I am on now. All of a sudden, my cell phone, which was next to the computer, started going through and playing all my ring tones. My friend and I freaked out, …

The Cries That I Hear In My House

About 7 months ago me and my ex got into a really bad argument and I would cry, and I’d try to constantly get him to forgive me. For what? I had no idea. All I knew was he was mad at me. He was my best friend ever, and I swore if we were ever friends again I would never go back out with him.

So now we’re friends again. And before we fought he would come over and we would hang out under a small section that almost looked like a house without walls. It had a swinging bench and our friend Justin would put a chair on top of the table and sit on it. Now Keep in mind neither of them are dead. They’re very much alive. When me and Johnny were fighting I would sit on the bench and wait for him to come back. Sometimes I saw him perfectly clear next to me. But he didn’t say anything. So I started staying in my room more. I would cry …

The Old Man

I believe I was 12 when this happened. I always lived in the same house, the same neighborhood. My mom and I were sleeping in the same room (that night I was scared because I had a bad nightmare) all of a sudden we hear a knock on the door. It was 3:00 am, I said to myself ,”Who would be knocking on the door at this hour?” So I got up with my mom to see who it was.

My mom opened the door and we both saw a 55 year old man, he had some hair and he was clean shaven. The old man said, “Sorry to bother you at this hour but can I stay here for a couple of weeks?” My mom said, “Why?” The old man said, “I was in a crash two hours ago and my home is very far.” So my mom accepted his request and showed him where the bathroom was and lucky for us we had a guest room. So we gave him a blanket and …

My Strange Dream About My Late uncle

My uncle has passed away on June 2, 2008. He was like my best friend and I was hurt for his absence in my life now. When I was at his funeral I was hurt and sad. I told him in a low sad voice that sounded like I had a knot in my throat (which I did) I told him, “you promised me you was going to be here for me no matter what when I needed you, and I need you right now.”

After that I let out the tears I was holding back. I felt like he was there right beside me I wanted him to break open the coffin and say he was alive but I knew deep down that wasn’t going to happen.

Days later it was his birthday, June 22nd. We went to the cemetery and everyone in my family had an orange or black balloon (orange was his favorite color) and we all wrote messages on it and let them go saying happy birthday. I cried as I …

Some Thing In The Woods

Well my story takes place in northern Manitoba in a little reserve called Norway house. It was just an ordinary day out with my friends at first we were skateboarding and got bored so we got some hot dogs and had a wiener roast. It was just me, Melissa, Heather, Brain, Greg, Travis, Jordan, and Marissa.

It was spring and there was three feet of snow left but it was still chilly and cold out. We were hanging out on a rock behind a few trees so people would not see us to much or bother us in any way. The rock we were on was beside a river.

Well after we had hot dogs we sat around on this rock. Just hanging out playing on the ice. After a while it got dark out but we stayed anyways just to hang out alittle longer. But one of my friends, Brain had to go home because he was not aloud to stay out late because of his grandpa, so he went home. A few hours …

My friends Haunting story

I was fifteen and I had one really good friend. Her name was Kesha. We’d been good friends since we were in nursery and then we were living in a hotel with my parents as her parents had passed away.
One night me and Kesha went to bed at about 9:30 because we were really tired. It was midnight now and I was fast asleep when I got woke up by Kesha screaming. I asked what the matter was. She said she was having a nightmare of her parents coming to haunt her in the night. She really didn’t get on with her parents as they used to be nasty to her. So I got out of bed and turned the light on. Kesha was now shaking and she went pale. She started to cry. So I went and fetched my mum and dad.
When we returned into the room we saw Kesha. She was rolling around on the floor. We asked her what she was doing. She didn’t reply so my mum called the