The Dark Shadow Figure Person

I have read several stories here and have finally decided to share mine. I was 17 when this occurred. I have always been a skeptic about ghost and never really thought a person could see ghost or anything of that nature and would often tell people my point of view when the topic ever came up. I was sleeping in my bed which is at the back part of my house but from my bed if I leave my door open I can look directly into the kitchen and who generally leave the light on over the hood of the stove because my mom works as a nurse and works all kinds of weird hours.

This particular night I am asleep door open and for some strange reason I wake up out of my sleep and sit straight up in my bed and I never wake up which is weird. I look at the entrance of my door and there is a black shadow I use that term loosely because I could clearly see its …

A Haunting By My Brother

I was 17 my brother Josh passed away from a car accident. Josh and I were best friends, and always stuck together through the hard times, he was in his car one day and this drunk driver came from no where and swerved hitting my brother from the front. The other driver had claimed to see Josh not having a seat-belt on and my brother always put a seat-belt on, so I knew he was lying.

A year after he passed away I new something strange should happen, nothing would until one night. I was in sin the kitchen taking my depressing medicine and everybody else was asleep. it was just me, the way I liked it. I went to bed and I heard the sink turn on. I went to see if anything was there or if it was my family and sure enough it wasn’t.

That night could of just bin me, I knew something was there.two nights after I woke up and stared in my room. when I looked at the TV …

I’m scared

I am currently 12, living in a townhouse that is over 100 years old. Everything started happening shortly after getting a cat.Well,about a week after getting a cat strange things would happen after my mom went to bed.I would usually be sitting on my computer playing games and stuff, when all of the sudden my cat would just disappear.

I don’t know where he would go but when he did disappear and I would be all alone, strange things would happen. Some of the things that would happen were like hearing whispers,seeing shadows,and stuff like that.Well one day really strange things started to happen, whenever I would go to bed I would close my door all the way, I made sure my cat was in his room before I went to bed, I would just be watching TV or listening to my MP3 player when my door would open wide stay open for like 2 minutes and close back like somebody had came in and closed the door.

Well every since that it has happened. …

Don’t be Scared, Just Dealing With It

I can not say exactly when it all began, but all I know is that it has been happening as young as I can remember, and now I am in my twenties, and it still happens, I’ll share one of the 100s of unexplained stuff that has happen/happening to me. 

  It all started in the house I grew up in Vancouver BC. I would have the same dream over and over again, so clear, as if I am living this scary movie: 

 I am sleeping in my room, in my bed when the door opens to my room.. It was closed before I went to bed I am thinking, I am glued to my bed, I can not move, talk, all I can do is see and feel scared. I hear it sliding towards me,I am thinking what is happening. The best way to describe it is a person dragging the weight of their own body on the ground with their arms slowly while picking up speed. Than it is at the foot of my …

Haunted Cow Or a Playful Spirit

It started with my 12th birthday in March of 2009. I was inviting four of my friends to come over to my sleepover party. Everyone was sure it was going to be a blast – just like last year. But nobody had thought the “blast” part might include a playful ghost!
Just a week before my party, I was lucky enough (yeah, right) to win my school’s magazine drive, my prize – a huge stuffed animal cow! Of course I carried it home with me on the school bus and placed it in my bedroom.
When all of my friends arrived, we watched a movie, had some popcorn, and played the Wii game Guitar Hero – a perfectly normal sleepover party.
I knew that three out of the four of my friends believed in ghosts and spirits and that kind of stuff, and I couldn’t resist temptation of scaring them. So when one of my friends said she was going to get her pajamas in a minute, I slunk silently out of the room. I …

Spookiest Night I’ve Ever Known

It was a dark, calm night when I had finally decided to go to  sleep. I was only seven, and yet I didn’t feel like going to bed early. I had just gotten my brother’s room in the basement, since he was old enough to move out. I blinked and I saw a shadow moving near the window, then I blinked again and it was gone. Having no clue what it was, I remeber I
layed down and pulled the covers over my head. That’s when I began to hear rain outside my window. Hail was banging on the window pain, and I wondered why it had started raining so quickly. Even at my age I knew rain didn’t fall that quickly. The thunder was beginning to get louder and louder. I couldn’t even sleep! I sat up, trying to ignore the rain, but that’s when I heard the thunder erupt. A very loud sound erupted, like it was telling me that my life was going to end. “Dun, Dun, Dun.” Was what it sounded …

Be Careful What You Wish For

Ok, I was brought up around ghost stories. I’ve basically heard them all. When we were growing up my cousins and I used to trade them like baseball cards. So, when I was warned not to ever say “I wish you were dead!” I laughed it off. That is until….. one night.

You see I was around 12 years old and my sister and I shared a room. We also shared a bunk bed where I slept on the bottom and she on top. We are 11 months apart so it’s not uncommon that we were always fighting over something. Well one night, I cann’t even remember why, we got into a really ugly argument that grew into an actual fight. Well we were pulled apart and I was so angry that I yelled out “I wish you were dead!” to my sister. My stepdad warned me to take it back because “You are never suppose to wish death on someone.” Of course being young, angry, and stubborn I refused.

 We were sent to bed …

Ghost that Walked My Halls

I am the the oldest son in a family of four, plus two dogs. We have been living in this house now for three years and I personally have had some strange paranormal experiences. Keep in mind that this is a new house. We are the first family that lived here.

I was home alone, my brother was at his friends house and my parents were at work. I was hearing noises coming from upstairs. I thought it was a robber, so I was scared to go up the stairs, but eventually I did. I got to the top of the stairs and glanced into my moms room on the left. Nothing, I looked into the bathroom, straight ahead of the stairs and the toilet seat was fairly forcefully hitting the bowl. I was a believer in ghosts so I thought it was paranormal. I had an urge to turn to my room and there was a crystal clear image of my baby who had died two months ago leaning over my bed, looking where …

House Ghosts

Hi I’m about to tell you a few things that I have seen and felt. I was at a friends house one day cause I was spending the night, we were in her room and my friend and I are in choir so we were singing one of our songs because we got bored. Well, when we were done in her closet we could her
little kids clapping. I asked her if she knew what that was and she told me that her closet and other places in the house are haunted. So I went over there and if you stand close to it my tummy started to hurt and I got dizzy. Later that night when we were getting ready for bed I felt a cold spot and then it felt like somebody touched me.  We laid down then a few minutes later it felt like somebody laid down right beside me but only my friend was here beside me.

I also have had a few experiences in my own home. It was a …

An old friend’s Spirt That Stays With Me

Hi there! I believe in ghosts 100%, well I should because I live with one!

The first time I suspected that their was a ghost in my house was that there was these weird markings on the wall. I just woke up early in the morning and as I was walking down the stairs at the corner of my eye these weird white markings as if someone has been scratching at the wall. “Mum, what are these?” I asked. My mum just blamed it on me and grounded me! Everyday I saw them, more and more markings appeared.

A few months later, words appeared. Random words. F M B L. Was this a code? I wrote the letters down and thought all night, suddenly the table was wobbling I was so scared, I ran upstairs and noticed that the words changed again. “B M F L” I gasped.. B M F L – Best Mates For Life.

I was so shocked that I started crying. “Cat?” I asked.

Cat was my old best friend, who …