Dolls Origins Magic and Ancient Beginnings

Dolls have been a popular toy for many years. They have also been an item of collection. Plastic or porcelain faces, whether beloved by a child or sitting in a pristine hutch, they look at us with their never ending expressions.

Many cultures have different types of dolls… dolls that were never intended to be used as playthings. They have been used to represent coming of age, as an offering for the hope of fertility, and in some cases… used to absorb the energy of someone and create magic.

Perhaps the oldest doll (or doll fragment) found to date is part of an alabaster doll from the Babylonian period. There are also wooden dolls that have been found in ancient Egyptian graves that date back to 3,000 BC. These dolls were actually intended for religious or ritual use, often depicting the gods and goddesses of their worship.

In Ancient Greece, dolls for girls were often made at the time of their upcoming marriage. The doll was then offered to Artemis, the goddess of fertility. It …

Red Eyes Growling Voice and Creepy Blinking Dolls

This began about four years ago,when I first moved into my house. Ever since I had walked into the door way I felt something was wrong with this place. I was about nine-ish at the time and didn’t really know how to take it and I still do not know.

I had just gotten home from school, and had turned on the TV. Homework was finished, so not much to worry about. Anyway, I flipped on the TV (positioned in front of a window facing a wall with a vent) when two little red dots appeared on the screen, like eyes. It stalled for about 5 minutes then faded back into the screen. I was startled by this and switched of the TV. This happened about 12 times every time I watched TV.We repositioned the TV for space purposes and the red eyes stopped.

The growling noises happened about 2 years later. It was 9:30. I had laid in my bed for about an hour before I drifted into a daze. My dog, Bandit, laid …