The Birth Place Of Zeus Has Been Found

It appears in Crete Greece that archaeologists may have found the real place of which the Greek Myths speaks of where The Great Greek God Zeus himself was raised. In the myths it tell us that Zeus was raised in Mount Lykaion in Crete to keep Cronos away from him. He was hidden there until he became a man and took over Mount Olympus with his brothers and sister(s)
As of digs more then two years ago has showed that there was an altar with ceremonial goods there that was given to Zeus as they worshiped him. These items date back as far as the legend started of Zeus. They are said to be over 3400 years old which makes these items the oldest known items that was used to worship Zeus that any one knows of. This is also the first place where Zeus was first worshiped then from there it spread.

Many items has been found that was unbroken and perfect as if it had just been made. The site that was find …