Spookiest Night I’ve Ever Known

Posted by Roses on July 5, 2010
Categories: Paranormal
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It was a dark, calm night when I had finally decided to go to  sleep. I was only seven, and yet I didn’t feel like going to bed early. I had just gotten my brother’s room in the basement, since he was old enough to move out. I blinked and I saw a shadow moving near the window, then I blinked again and it was gone. Having no clue what it was, I remeber I
layed down and pulled the covers over my head. That’s when I began to hear rain outside my window. Hail was banging on the window pain, and I wondered why it had started raining so quickly. Even at my age I knew rain didn’t fall that quickly. The thunder was beginning to get louder and louder. I couldn’t even sleep! I sat up, trying to ignore the rain, but that’s when I heard the thunder erupt. A very loud sound erupted, like it was telling me that my life was going to end. “Dun, Dun, Dun.” Was what it sounded …

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