The Cries That I Hear In My House

Posted by Roses on January 29, 2010
Categories: Paranormal
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About 7 months ago me and my ex got into a really bad argument and I would cry, and I’d try to constantly get him to forgive me. For what? I had no idea. All I knew was he was mad at me. He was my best friend ever, and I swore if we were ever friends again I would never go back out with him.

So now we’re friends again. And before we fought he would come over and we would hang out under a small section that almost looked like a house without walls. It had a swinging bench and our friend Justin would put a chair on top of the table and sit on it. Now Keep in mind neither of them are dead. They’re very much alive. When me and Johnny were fighting I would sit on the bench and wait for him to come back. Sometimes I saw him perfectly clear next to me. But he didn’t say anything. So I started staying in my room more. I would cry …

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