The Black Dog in Hawaiian Gardens

This is what my grandma told me about, she’s told me others but this story is one of m favorites. She’s about 67 years old and she told me this happened to her when she was a teenager. Which is a long time ago.
Its a creepy story, especially about out nature, I’ll tell you this like if she were telling you.

It was way back then when I was a teenager. I always liked to take a walk out in the streets. I always liked to spend time with dogs, cats and other animals. I had went to my friends house to invite her to walk with me. She said yeah sure. So off we went.

We walked through the beautiful park, and the whole block. We came up a hill to a ditch. We both saw a big black dog that looked very friendly, and harmless. At first, but that didn’t stop, it from doing something evil.

We both thought the dog was cute, so we went to pet it.
I felt something …