The Legend of the Green Children Of Woolpit

Is it possible that there are aliens living beneath our feet deep within the earth? You, the reader, can read this article and decide what you think.

Some may have heard of the Green Kids that came from beneath the Earth’s surface and then this may be new to others.

This is considered as a legend, but there is always truth behind every legend. There are several different stories about these children, but all are similar. In every story a girl of about ten years old with a boy of a few years younger were found at the mouth of a cave dressed in clothes that were unknown to anyone. Some described their clothing as being made of a strange metallic cloth. Their skin was green and the villagers that found them said that the language they spoke was like no other they had ever heard before.

Now, before I go any further into this story you should know that this legend first began in a town called Woolpit in England during the middle of …