T.I.L.T.(Things I Love Thursday) 10

Posted by Roses on June 28, 2012

Gregory Peck (The Blue and the Gray, 1982)

T.I.L.T.(Things I Love Thursday): the crooked hearts on my hand-drawn Mother’s Day card I just got; marcasite jewelry; handbags made of soft, supple leather; playing Hello Kitty Monopoly with my girl; men who enjoy cooking; old-fashioned, apple, stack cake; the time I went to an outdoor Jethro Tull concert and got so excited at the flute music that I embarrassed my guy-friends; Gregory Peck’s portrayal of Lincoln; a dog’s “grin,” and psychedelic, fuzzy socks.

Written by Debbie Hoskins Dunaway 2012 she also does her stuff on ahippiesramblings.wordpress.com



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