Sure, we have meals and beds and meeting rooms like all the

Posted by Roses on November 2, 2014
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“Hi, my name is Bob, sales manager with Big City Hotel. Sure, we have meals and beds and meeting rooms like all the other hotels. But they don’t have Ruth, our front desk supervisor who’s been serving our guests for more than 22 years. I saw the pickup truck that the occupiers used to block them. I mean and those are just sort of facts. A lot of testimony the jury has heard and seen are the arguments the occupiers made to me when I interviewed them on the refuge in January.

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cheap Canada Goose Thomas Kail, director of “Hamilton” and Miranda’s other Tony winning musical,”In the Heights,” says he has watched over the years as the composer shared “Hamilton” songs in process on social media. He’s marveled, even teased Miranda, over the magnitude of his openness. But he’s also come to understand the method in his friend’s friendliness, and they’ve continued to take advantage of Miranda’s digital pipeline to the public, with monthly “Hamildrops” recordings and videos inspired by”Hamilton” by everyone from Weird Al Yankovic to the indie rock group the Decemberists.. cheap Canada Goose

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