Strange Happenings With The Paranormal

I believe my house is haunted, very haunted. No one seems to agree with me in this, because they haven’t had as many experiences as I have had. This is my story.

I live in a big house that was rebuilt about seven years ago, we were the first to live in the residence, but the property was owned by some movie stars a long time ago. My mom and I loves antique stores, whenever we see one, we usually go into one, also estate sales. My mother went to an estate sale with my stepfather, and I trailed along. We got a huge rocking horse, with menacing eyes, that would stare at you the whole time. Since the horse has been in our basement, occasionally it starts to rock, and it is really hard to rock mind you, it glares at you, changes expressions, and it moves from one part of the basement, to the other. I usually refuse to go to the basement, for I see the horse is evil. I think a child ghost haunts the horse, but I am not sure about that.

In my neighborhood there was an old rotting house, it was very spooky. Sadly my mom had to go in and check out their stuff. Now we have a green baby carriage that could fall apart any second, I feel that it has the spirit of a deceased child or infant too. I will not go close to that carrige though, I’ve heard the wheels squeaking like a door creaking open in a run down house. The house was also rebuilt, like mine, but before that, it was a menacing house. Every time I would walk my dog Morgie he barked hysterically at the house, and every time I seemed to walk by it, I expected some person to be glaring at me from the windows, it was not a comforting feeling, so I stopped passing the house on walks.

One of the strangest things were that, a few times I went in my bathroom a man called out, “Irina Sinoirita” when no one was home. My family does not speak Spanish, mostly Engish, but my stepsister speaks french, and my mother speaks itallian sometimes, I am very fluent in french, although I started learning it this year.

In my house doors have swung open, lights have turned on and such, but no one seems to believe me. I think I have become sensitive with the paranormal, and I don’t mind it, I’m mostly curious of what is happening in my house, I get a little scared with the horse and the carriage because I don’t think they are particularly nice spirits. The activity seems to revolve around me because they know,  I know that they are there, and I pay attention to them more.

The other day I went to a ghost tour, I didnt expect for anything out-of-the-ordinary was going to happen. Our four feet tall tourguide, who was an amazing and great at telling stories, very tense and suspenseful (I think his name was Larry, I will call him Larry anyways). Once when Larry was talking about a man named Victor who was very genorous to the county, donated loads of money but was very cruel, was hung. When Larry said “Right where you are standing, Victor had been hung” I felt a tap on my shoulder, I thought it was my best friend trying to scare me, but she was looking at Larry, I saw a leaf falling from the tree, but it hadn’t reached my head yet. No other leaves were falling down, it is fall, but that tree was summery-green and very sturdy. And to be under where this man had his life taken from him, and possibly been tapped on the shoulder is a pretty frightening thought.

I thank these spirits though, because now I can learn more easily about history by being slightly sensitive to them. It is very wonderful, I hope you enjoyed hearing about my experiences.

Contributed by Irina and Copyright © 2009 Best Of all Topics all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission. Thank you Irina

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