Red Eyes Growling Voice and Creepy Blinking Dolls

This began about four years ago,when I first moved into my house. Ever since I had walked into the door way I felt something was wrong with this place. I was about nine-ish at the time and didn’t really know how to take it and I still do not know.

I had just gotten home from school, and had turned on the TV. Homework was finished, so not much to worry about. Anyway, I flipped on the TV (positioned in front of a window facing a wall with a vent) when two little red dots appeared on the screen, like eyes. It stalled for about 5 minutes then faded back into the screen. I was startled by this and switched of the TV. This happened about 12 times every time I watched TV.We repositioned the TV for space purposes and the red eyes stopped.

The growling noises happened about 2 years later. It was 9:30. I had laid in my bed for about an hour before I drifted into a daze. My dog, Bandit, laid by me. I awoke suddenly by a hideous groaning noise coming from under my bed. Sort of like a man in agony and a mix of anger with it. It was 5:30 am. It happened the next few weeks also, then stopped, then started again all at the same exact time, each different days/weeks apart.

This also happened to my 16 year old brother, but instead he heard it outside his window at 12:00 (I heard it too, but wasn’t really all that scared.) My mother smudges the house monthly, but no luck lately.

The doll incident was very strange. I was cleaning my room but had just gotten to my porcelain dolls. I began dusting one of them off when out of the corner of my eye, I saw my littlest one (Cinderella, as hinted for her size and features), blink twice. I continued on thinking it was just me. I came to Anastasia (like the movie) and nothing happened so I finished with her, then came Elisabeth (my middle name, she looks like me). Then Mae (she looks like my friend Netty Mae) But as I was cleaning Mae, my Japanese doll, Mulan, fell over. Her stand was completely stable so I cant explain why she did this. I will update you on new happenings in my home. Thank you for reading. My name is Rita Aiken, and I am 12 years old. Please comment as you may.

Written by Rita Aiken, Copyright 2010

3 thoughts on “Red Eyes Growling Voice and Creepy Blinking Dolls”

  1. There seems to be a lot of strange occurrences with dolls.
    If I were you, I would keep a close eye on the one named Cinderella.
    It is a possibility that she just wants to scare you yet you never can tell.
    Make sure that you are careful and perhaps put Cinderella in a locked-up box so that she cannot get you.
    Yet that could also just make her angry.
    Ask your mother on what is the best – often it is our parents that knows what’s best

  2. That happened at my house before when we had these type of problems but we had a demond in the house. It possesed my sister and we had an exorcism. But now our house is fine.
    Also to the response to what emily said about the doll it isn’t just the doll it can follow you even if you get rid of the doll.

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