Pegasus The Flying Horse And Bellerophon


pegasusPegasus has always fascinated me. Pegasus is seen in lots of art work and used in many poems. He is one of the most famous myths in Greek Mythology. Read the history of Pegasus and enjoy it as much I have enjoyed writing this piece.

Pegasus is from Greek Mythology and belonged to Bellerophon. This beautiful wing horse was born from the blood that was spilled from the Queen of the Gorgons Medusa. She and Poseidon the God of all waters mated and she was already pregnant by him when Perseus cut here head clean off her shoulders.

Pegasus also had a brother that sprung from the blood of Medusa. He was called Chrysaor and was described as a winged Boar. Both creatures were born fully grown from the blood of Medusa.


Bellerophon tamed this beast by using the magic bridle that was given to him by Athena.


Bellerophon was a Korinthian Hero. Bellerophon rode Pegasus into battle against the Khimaira which was a fire breather. This was a creature that had the head and the main of a lion with a head of a goat that rose from it’s back alone with goat udders and a tail of a serpent.

Bellerophon was commanded to slay this beast by King Iobates. So on the back of Pegasus he took a lead tipped lance and shoved it down the throat of this fire breathing beast till it suffocated to death. Bellerophon rode Pegasus into many battles. Pegasus great speed help greatly with in the battles that he faced with Bellerophon

King Iobates was trying to kill Bellerophon because Bellerophon had been wrongly accused of a crime that he did not do. The wife of the King Anteia had fallen in love with Bellerophon, but he did not return the feeling and this angered her so much that she told her husband that he had tried to rape her and forced himself upon her and that he must pay with his life for his punishment.

After many quests that Bellerophon was sent on in hopes that he would be killed the king found out that this was all a mistake and so he then offered Bellerophon his second daughters hand in marriage. After they were married for a few years Bellerophon wanted be a hero again and he was thinking that he was Son of a God.

Mount olympusWas he the son of God Poseido? No one knows for sure but that is why he decided to go to the heavens he wanted to take his place on Mount Olympus. That was a big mistake and he should have just stayed with his wife and been happy.

Bellerophon then tried to fly Pegasus to the top of Mount Olympus to see the Gods but this put the Gods and Goddess in a rage so upon the command of Zeus he sent a gadfly to sting the winged beast and then bucked Bellerophon off his back and Bellerophon fell back down to Earth where he met his death but some says he survived the fall and was badly crippled.

It is said that Bellerophon was broken in his body and his spirit was broken as well and he wandered the earth blind, lame and alone. He lived the rest of his life out unhappy and no one knew him as the hero that he once was. No one knows where or the date of his death. This is just one of the many stories that tells of what happen to him.

Zeus (Poseidon) of Artemision.  Detail.  Euboea, Greece. 5CBC.

There are many different stories of how Zeus caused Pegasus to buck Bellerophon off. Some says that Pegasus was very wise knew what would happen to his owner and bucked him off himself.

Another is that because Zeus was so upset that Bellerophon tried to get to the heaven that he sent a lighting bolt down and stunned Pegasus to cause him to ditch Bellerophon. Pegasus flew his way up to the top of Mount Olympus where Zeus gave him a home in a stable there. Pegasus was allowed to roam Mount Olympus and had his freedom. He wander the meadows and springs and mountain on earth.

PegasusĀ and Euippe

In later life Pegasus took Euippe (or Ocyrrhoe) as a mate and together they was said to have two children Celeris and Melanippe.


Because Pegasus was so loyal to The Lord Zeus and carried Zeus lighting bolts for him and did his bidding he was rewarded greatly. Pegasus was placed among the stars as a constellation and as he was placed among the stars a single feather was said to have fallen to the earth near a Tarsus city.

It has been said that Pegasus made the spring of Hippocrene on Mount Helicon (which means the Horse Spring.) Another was at Troezen where he was drinking from it’s waters when he was caught by Bellerophon. These springs were made by the thrust of Pegasus hoof pounding the earth’s surface. It is said that every time his hooves would strike the earths surface a spring would emerge from the impact. That is some impact of a horses step.

So when it is a clear night and the stars are shining bright look up in the sky and look for the constellation Pegasus it is very beautiful.
Just look in the northern sky for it.

It is one of the very first out of the first 48 constellations that was listed in the 2nd century by the well known astronomer Ptolemy. And today it is still one of the 88 constellations that we see today.

Written By Tasha Slone copyright 2010 all rights reserved no parts of this story may be used with out permission

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  1. Excellent article, Tasha! There was a lot of information in there that I didn’t know before…and those pictures are lovely. I do wonder if Pegasus was intelligent enough to know what to do with Bellerophon…my interpretation of Pegasus has always been that there was a wisdom far beyond an ordinary animial’s instincts…and while it is a creature of legend, it is a beautiful story…and thank you for telling it here in your way.

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