My Strange Dream About My Late uncle

My uncle has passed away on June 2, 2008. He was like my best friend and I was hurt for his absence in my life now. When I was at his funeral I was hurt and sad. I told him in a low sad voice that sounded like I had a knot in my throat (which I did) I told him, “you promised me you was going to be here for me no matter what when I needed you, and I need you right now.”

After that I let out the tears I was holding back. I felt like he was there right beside me I wanted him to break open the coffin and say he was alive but I knew deep down that wasn’t going to happen.

Days later it was his birthday, June 22nd. We went to the cemetery and everyone in my family had an orange or black balloon (orange was his favorite color) and we all wrote messages on it and let them go saying happy birthday. I cried as I let mine go. I am now crying as I type this. He was my favorite uncle and I loved him very much. He was always there for me.

Well I never really believed about life after death but somehow I do now. I had a dream of him one night and I woke up with tears running down my face. My dream was of him down in the basement of my grandmas house (which there is no basement there) so I am confused but I am positive it was my grandmas house.

Well my grandmother sent me to get some warm water from downstairs and I begged her not to send me. But she still did and she gave me a lit candle and a bucket. (I still don’t understand my dream) but I still begged her not to send me down there she said why. I told her because my uncle is down there and he tries to pull me down the stairs with him. She didn’t believe me and I went down there crying and there he was waiting and trying to grab me by my legs. I couldn’t go down there. I awoke from my dream and I questioned my dream to my self. perhaps he needed to tell me something but I don’t know.

Written by Nezza, Copyright 2010

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