My Experiences With the Ouija Board

After seeing the movie “Witch Board” I really didn’t believe in the Ouija board. Years later I was at the store with my cousin and there was the Ouija board. I purchased it because I wanted to prove that it wasn’t real. To me, it was just a toy made by a toy company. I asked the cashier, an old sweet woman, if she had ever played with it, she said “oh yes, dear, stay away, don’t play with it.” I laughed it off and bought it anyway.

My cousin and I were eager to get started. We put it on the table, turned the lights off and lit some candles. We asked if anyone was there and nothing happened. I got tired of waiting and said, I knew it wasn’t real. I put it back in the box and tossed it in the closet.

Months later my brother, sister and a friend of ours were at my house. My friend Kelly found the board in the closet where it sat for months. She said lets play. I said don’t waste your time, it doesn’t work. She said, all excited… it does, lets play. My sister, Kelly and I put one finger lightly on the planchette. We asked if anyone was there and right away it moved slowly. I believed Kelly was moving it so I told her to get her finger off. I asked if anyone was there and it moved. I then believed my sister was moving it. I asked Kelly to put her finger back on the planchette, but very, very lightly. We were barely touching it when it started to move again, and it slid right from underneath our fingers. I knew then that they were not messing around with me.

I asked who was there and he said it was my grandfather. He had died almost ten years earlier in a car accident. I didn’t believe him so I asked questions that only my sister and I would know. I still did not believe. So I asked him to spell my name. He spelled it alright, but my grandfather did not speak English and wouldn’t know how to spell my name. When I told him that he was lying about being my grandfather I asked what his real name was, he spelled “Tete”. I asked if he were a boy or girl. He said boy and that he was about six or seven years old… can’t remember. I asked if he were in heaven, he said yes.

My brother sitting on the couch said that we are crazy and laughs. We told George to ask a question only he would know. George asks, where did I trip and how many times did I stumble. He spelled out, deck and three times. My brothers face turned pale. We played with it for weeks until late in the morning.
He predicted the past, present and future.

One night he got upset with us for some reason. We asked why he was upset and he said ‘because no one is talking about me… it’s all you, you, you. It was getting late and we were tired. My brother and Kelly were about to leave when he spelled out, “you’re going to die.” We freaked out. Everyone stayed at my house that night.

I was asleep in my bedroom and all of a sudden I heard every one screaming. I came out to see what was going on and I heard a loud thumping sound on my sliding door… like someone was punching it. We were too afraid to look out and see what was banging against it. We sat there frightened to death until it stopped. Well me being the ‘tough girl’ that I am, took the board and put it in the trunk of my car.

The next morning we went to my sisters pool and I remembered that it was still in my trunk. I got it out and we started messing with it again. I asked him where he slept the night before and he said, the trunk of your car. I could not believe it. He was really mad and cussed me out. That day I went to the store and told the cashier that I wanted to return it and don’t want my money… just take it I said.

Weeks later I regretted it so I bought another one. It was Tete again. We were glad we got the same spirit, if you will. We were hooked. As time went on he became more and more mean. He swore at us constantly and we would laugh at him. One night we were just sitting there after hours of playing, that all of a sudden it slid off the board and started to move on the table. I put it back on the board and told him to dance (no fingers on the planchette). It was funny… so we thought. I said Tete, and held my face up to the board, slide over here next to me because I want to whisper a question to you… it came flying towards me. We thought it was so cool.

One day I tried playing by myself and he kept spelling out ‘No,Bad’. That scared me, but also made me believe he was a good spirit. He was especially drawn to my sister, he called her his queen. One night he got really mad at her for no reason. My sisters face turned really red as he spelled out over and over ‘Go Home.’ Her feet started to move as if she were walking but could not stand up. She started crying. I told her to get up and she said she couldn’t. My cousin and I had to help her up. She was feeling faint and could not walk. I had her lay on the couch because her body was twitching. I watched her all night worried for her because she was sweating and twitching.

A few days later Kelly and I were messing around with it. He started to swear at me. I asked why he was so mad at me, and he said ‘because you are going to move soon and you told everyone that you’re going to leave me here in the closet’ which is true. I had heard that if you don’t want it anymore you have to give it to someone else because the spirit will go every where you do. I also heard that you have to make it say goodbye before you put it away or the spirit will roam around your house. There were nights that he would not say goodbye and keep us awake for hours. Sometimes it would move really, really slow and tell us that he was tired and wanted to rest. We played around with it as much as we could before I moved. He started to get us all into fights. Saying things that weren’t true.

I once asked what he looked like and he said that he has no hair because he is a skeleton. Everything he predicted would happen in our lives came true. The cars we would drive in the future, who would marry who, who would get divorced… EVERYTHING! The Ouija board is real. Anyone thinking on messing around with it should think twice. I can’t really say that we were in contact with an evil spirit, but a very, very mean one. There is so much more, but I’d have to write a book about it. Sometimes I am tempted to get another one, but I’m too scared.

Written by Teresa, Copyright 2010

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