Most notable perhaps is the effect of possible hydrogen

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These concerns have not yet been adequately con sidered in Namibia, says environmental group Earth Organisation Namibia director Marcia Stanton.Swakopmund Matters says that many environmental impacts stemming from marine phosphate mining have to be assessed. These include concentrations of hydrogen sulphide in sediment and the effect of these sulphides when released, such as low oxygen levels in the water. Most notable perhaps is the effect of possible hydrogen sulphide release into the benthic layer of the ocean, as oxygen levels are critical in these oxygen minimum zones, which include the central Benguela region.Further assessments that need to be made include the number of dissolved nutrient inputs from sediment; trace metals and other potential noxious compounds that could be released into the water, as these could have serious effects on the marketing of fish products, such as hake, monk and shellfish; information on thiobacteria; and changes in the Redfield ratio in surface waters.More information on spawning activities in the mining area also needs to be made available.Former head of the Marine Chemistry and Biology Division of the Stellenbosch based National Research Foundation for Oceanology Professor Michael Orren notes that offshore mining of phosphate rich sediments poses environmental challenges, as it releases toxic matter, such as hydrogen sulphide, and reduced phosphorous compounds, such as phosphine, a killer gas used in warfare.offshore currents of Namibia coast are weak, with slow reversing and dispersion, so anything put into the sea tends to stay there, he notes.On World Ocean Day last year, Namibian Hake Fishing Industry Association chairperson Matti Amukwa voiced his concerns to an audience in Swakopmund.of the fish we catch are high end earners, such as hake, monkfish, rock lobster and deep sea crab.

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