Mermaids Real or Not

waterhouse_a_mermaidThere has been a legend that a type of sea creature called mermaids and mermen for centuries. Most call them merfolks. They are described as half human and half fish or sea serpent. This is a tale that is well known all around the world. The myths of these types of creatures date back to ancient times of the world and has been  related to the Syrian goddess Atargatis.

To some these are beautiful creatures with good qualities  to them and never want to hurt any living soul but to many these types of creatures are not very nice for they would try to take ships and sailors to the dept of the dark waters with them. They have a song that is so sweet and no man can resit it that will lure ships to them they have been related to being much like the sirens with their songs. They were said  to sing a lullaby tune and put the crew of the ship in too a deep sleep and then the mermaid would pick out one man and take him to a rock or to the edge of the waters and have sex with him and if he refused she would kill him and eat him.little_mermaid

It was said that in 1493 Columbus saw three mermaids on his journey back home from Americas and within his logs he wrote this about the mermaids
“They were not as beautiful as they are painted, although to some extent they have a human appearance in the face”

But most just says the he among all of the others who has claim to have seen these creatures were nothing more then manatees.

Some very well known people has claimed to see these things such as Henry Hudson the Explorer, and the Roman writer, Pliny, he is known as the Father of Natural Science

manateeIt could be possible. If they were away from land for so long and away from women and some may have been sea sick or drunk and their minds will wounder and if a manatee had sea weed on it and was on a rock or some thing then it is hard to tell what your mind would see. In their minds they saw a beautiful woman that was half fish.

And some also say that if the men were away from woman companionship for to many months they would have sex with a manatee or a dudougs and then would make up a story of a mermaid but I really don’t think that has any truth in it at all.dugong

But here is some thing else to consider. Only 10% of all of the earths water has been explored so there is 90% that is left untouched by man and we have not a clue of what could be down there, could there be a life force much like ours that has it’s own kingdom under water?  Makes me really wounder what is in the dept of the earths waters.

There has also been many writings were a merfolk was captured and was force to live as a human and learned to worship Christ and God as we do.
To me that is just wrong. Man will destroy every thing and they can not leave any thing alone and if it is some thing that we do not understand we make it to where we can even if it means changing some thing to what we know.
I believe that every legend has it’s truth some how and maybe there really is some thing out there like a mermaid but I think we should leave them alone. Sure it is ok to observe them but not to take them from what they know we might be able to learn from them and they may from us as well.


There has been many bodies of mermaids that have been found many has been proven that they are fake but there are some that has not been proved to fake yet so are they real does this mean there really are or was real mer maids in the world?

This is just one of many sea creature that may or may not be true but it is always fun to read and research things of this sort and to read many encounters and stories of these things.

Written By Tasha Slone Copy right 2009 all rights reserved

7 thoughts on “Mermaids Real or Not”

  1. Thank you for the info. I have always thought mermaids to be so beautiful. Not so sure now! LOL! Intriguing, either way…

  2. Awesome article, Tasha! I had heard the legend of the mermaids singing a ship’s crew to sleep…hadn’t heard the other part though! 🙂 That’s one way to get a guy’s interest…threaten to kill him and eat him if he doesn’t comply!

    I agree that there is much about the oceans that has yet to be discovered…she hasn’t given up all of her secrets yet!

    Thanks for sharing the information and the pics…it is a lot of fun to learn about things like this…and as far as it being a legend or a myth…most legends and myths have some grain of truth to them. I wonder what the truth about mermaids is…and I wholeheartedly agree that people shouldn’t destroy or try to change something just because it’s different.

  3. OMG this is a great read. I love reading things like this. Thanks for this it looks like you did allot of research on this and the pics are great as well.

  4. Nice article… 🙂
    I’m currently doing a research paper about mermaids and your article made me the courage to prove that these mytholigcal creatures might have existed.. Good Job.. 😀

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