Lamia a Greek Vampire Legend

As I promised here is the legend in vampire history of Greece…

The vampire fore-runner is next seen in ancient Greek mythology. While there are several minor deities that have vampire-like qualities, the myths involving Lamia and the Empusa are the closest link to modern day vampires. While neither demigoddess was considered “undead,” both show many similarities to the vampire.

lamiaGreek mythology tended to be malleable over time, and demigods and goddesses tended to change in quality, form, virtues, and responsibilities. The earliest form of the Empusa was that of being the daughter of the Greek Goddess Hecate. Hecate was originally a Chthonian (meaning not a major deity residing upon Mt. Olympus) Greco-Roman goddess of magic, and was later a three-faced goddess of ghosts, witches, and curses. The Empusa is described as demonic-looking and was said to have bronze feet. She would take the form of a beautiful young woman in order to seduce young men and drink their blood while asleep.

Lamia, however, is something entirely different. Considered somewhat a tragedy (at least by ancient Greek standards), Lamia was something new in the progression of the vampire myth.

Lamia is the first vampire-type creature in history who was not a god or goddess, the first who was originally human.

According to Diodorus Siculus, a first century BC historian, Lamia was the daughter of King Belus of Egypt. Upon her father’s death, she became queen of one his most prosperous territories, Libya, and Zeus’s lover, Lamia had an affair with Zeus, and they produced several offspring, including Herophile. Herophile was a famous sibyl, or prophetess at Delphi.

When Hera, wife of Zeus and goddess of women and marriage, found out about the affair, she flew into a rage and killed all of the children of Lamia and Zeus. Lamia was driven insane with grief. According to Diodorus, she vowed revenge and began devouring infants and consuming their blood. Lamia then loses the ability to close her eyes so that she would always obsess over her dead children.  Eventually, her face began to take on hideous demonic aspects because of her terrible crimes.

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  1. very scary and nice information bro. hoping more from you….BTW are you also from india …. i am from india, nainital.

  2. wow… i think i like that chick.. maybe ill be like her and do that to all the people who dont believe in me… its not that i expect them to believe but they just comment bad things i have to say.. they have alredy made there piont wish they would leave me alone with it!

  3. if the people on this site were really vampires they wouldnt be here admitting it! you people are just crazy humans.

  4. Spudley, No offense, but samantha is right. You people do post rude and ugly things on here as well as the other sites. If ya’ll don’t believe or want to believe then why not go away and stay off these sites? Or do you not have any manners or in fact grow when you left school, or learn respect for others? Please just act ur ages for once!!!

  5. spudly- you are rude and if you feel that much hate toward them and the sight why are you here. And why is it that us “humans” always critisize hate, and fear all things we don’t undeerstand. That doesn’t mean its not real.
    When someone comes out with something like this your all to fast to use the word CRAZY why?

  6. spudly- First I want to tell you that I am also a normal human, and I love reading about vampires I am really not sure that wheather they are real or not but I want to believe them. If you dont like or believe them so dont waist your time by reading all this.

  7. hello everyone….good day to you.
    i really love these vampires stories, but if u ask me whether vampires, djinns, ghosts or demons really exist or not, i will tell you that they really do exist.
    Im a human but when i was a baby, i had this guardian angel and he was a djinn and also a lady vampire. But they stopped being my guardian angel when i reached the age of 12. By that time, i became more religious, but these guardian angels of mine didnt harm infact they took care of me. They were very good to me. But i was a bit scared of this lady vamp because she had fangs and long hair.

    Anyway..I believe everyone has the rights to comment as long as they don’t use vulgar words, so why attacking Spudly? Most probably he hasn’t came across any one of these vampires,so he’s saying all sort of things. I dont think that he meant to be rude, so just forgive him will ya guys? 🙂 Thanks my dear friends.


  8. Hi Chetan,

    I just recently read your article. It’s nice but it’s so tragic 🙁 I empathize with her. I mean who wouldn’t turn out like that after seeing their children slaughtered. Hera shouldn’t have done that, and seriously why do Zeus have many women? Although I understand Hera too but that’s not enough of a reason, she’s the goddess of women and marriage after all. Nice story and live your lives happily!


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