Jesus Christ, King of Kings, and Lord of all

In all of human history, His life was the only one lived in complete perfection and utter innocence: not one single sin committed by thought, word, or act. He chose the company of society’s dregs, the poor, the prostitutes, the uneducated, and offered them everlasting life and healing. Time after time, he took a stand against the rich and powerful religious elite, and exposed them for the hypocrites they were.

For this crime he was sentenced to die the most horrendous and excruciating death ever devised by mankind. Mocked, spit upon, reviled, and cursed, he was beaten and scourged into a bloody pulp. When his torture was finished, he was barely recognizable as human, but they still weren’t done with him. In this weakened condition, he was forced to carry his death instrument to his place of execution, where stakes were pounded into his hands and feet, pinning him to a wooden cross.

There, he was suspended between heaven and earth, bleeding, sweating, suffering pain beyond imagining. The guilt of billions who’d lived before and after Him were laid upon His innocent shoulders, and he accepted them all without complaint. Indeed, it was his mission and destiny to do so. His innocent blood was poured out to pay a debt he didn’t owe for those who could never pay it, and because of this, we honor Him today, on Good Friday. For Him, it was anything but good. For us, it was everything. Praise Him, Jesus Christ, King of Kings, and Lord of all!


Written By Debbie Hoskins Dunaway 2012

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