I’m being stalked by a Ghost

Ok, so here’s the deal, when I was like three, everyone was in the living room (this was around 2000), so everyone was in the living room, and I wanted a drink, and even though the kitchen was like a bench, you had to go down a short hallway to get to the kitchen, Dad told me not to go, because there would be a ghost there, I thought he was just joking and trying to scare me, but when I went to turn on the light, I was completely alone, and it was almost pitch black, I reached up and I saw a tall dark shadowy figure he had vertical slits from his mouth and yellow eyes, right next to my hand, it just looked down at me, we stared for about 5 seconds which seemed like forever and I bolted to the living room without even getting my drink.

Then, we moved to Adelaide, we lived in a place that was houses and flats in a semi-circle so it was like a round street, in the middle was an island of grass like a very mini oval, around about half a tennis court, it was night and I was walking down across the road to get home, because my dad told me to go home as he was still at my brothers friends house, so I was like 4 years old, and I saw a shadowy figure run behind one of the trees, which were very spaced out and thin, so you would know if someone was there or not, I looked behind the tree and all the others but no one was there, so I ran back home.
That was in 2002. then, when I was 11, we moved around allot , like 8 times, but when we went to this place called Le-strange street, the really freaky stuff happened, when I would be in my room, I would see shadows go past the window, and it would be evening so it was all blue in my room, which made it scary for me, then once I was watching the T.V, as our unit was small, the wall where the door was was basically a massive window and the T.V was right in front of it, and I remember watching a black mist float past, same blue haze as it was evening, but I thought nothing of it, until my friend and her cousin who lived just up the road, said they saw it float down the street they lived in.

If I dropped something, I looked everywhere and it would vanish, and appear in other rooms or places completely different from where I was. I soon found out from my friend Trent, who lived in the unit above me, and he was friends with a man who lived in our unit, and the guy couldn’t pay off his depts so he apparently killed himself, its either that or he went missing, no one knows what happen to him ,and his stuff was still there, and he was a geek because he had all these posters of comic characters and robot chicken stuff, which was left in the cupboard right by my bedroom door we would always use his heater too.

One night I took my brother to the bathroom and as we walked back to the room, there was no door to block off the living room so you just had to see the living room, and as we walked back, we saw the same shadowy figure I saw in the beginning of the story, crouched down, yellow eyes and my brother ran leaving me there frozen, I thought he just ran because he wanted to go to bed, when I got back he told me about it the next day.

If you live in Australia, and you watched Big Brother, you would know a girl called Emma, her dad , umm wasn’t exactly good with kids or teens, he had a 13 or 12 year old son who lived with him, his shirts would have porn, he would swear at my older brothers friends if they kicked the soccer ball, but he sweetened up to as, as he got along with my mum, he died that year , as he had Cancer and it was all over the news, as his daughter was on the best reality TV show (I’ve never seen)

So one night, I was walking down the drive way alone, and I saw the dark figure run past his house, into ours, I freaked and ran home and sat on the couch waiting for mum to come home.

Now I’m 12 and still hear things, like someone slapping a piece of paper on this desk  (where both my computer and laptop are) and no one would be there, today I heard someone lock the door very loudly but it was open.

I’ve tried to post this story a few times, but the power would go off as I read stories and type them up. the power went back on as soon as it went off so all my data was lost, everything switched on, even the TV which I wasn’t watching, I retyped it and was halfway when the power went of again, I muttered that I would type the story up again and the power just went off before the computer was even fully up and it stayed off for about an hour. My friend thinks that the figure is my guardian angel or something, but I’m just way too scared.

Thanks for reading my story, I hope you don’t think I’m crazy people because I really see this and hear it all of the time.

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  1. this is the thing right me and i my famiyl was watching x factor and the light went out and in front off uss was a tall figure it was a huminoid and had a face it was some kind off spirit

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