“If you really want to measure how rich you are

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But at 87, he’s redefined the meaning of rich. “If you really want to measure how rich you are, it’s how many people love you or really, whether the people you care about loving you love you, ” he said. Pamela Buffett added, “See, a great teacher.

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buy canada goose jacket The RSS was founded in 1925 on an uncannily Gramscian principle that enduring political power can arise only on the basis of a prior cultural transformation and consent, and this broad based cultural consent to the extreme Right’s doctrines can only be built through a long historical process, from the bottom up. What follows from this ideological articulation of the long term strategy is that if the RSS succeeds in constituting a certain sort of social subjectivity for the great majority of Hindus in India who are said to constitute some 80 per cent of the Indian population (we shall come later to this claim) and if they can all be unified, positively, in pursuit of cheap canada goose a civilisational mission, and, negatively, in permanent opposition to a fancied enemy (Muslim and Christian minorities), as the Nazis sought to unite the German nation against the Jews, then the demographic majority can be turned into a permanent political majority. In that case, what the Left might designate as the extreme Right could rule comfortably through the institutions of liberal democracy in India that have already adjusted themselves to low intensity but punctual use of violence against religious minorities buy canada goose jacket.


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