I never claimed you believed Alex Jones I said Alex Jones fans

Posted by Roses on February 5, 2015
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14 points submitted 20 hours agoYeah, exactly. For example, there are so many people who enjoyed the works of Bill Cosby and Kevin Spacey because what they did on screen was for entertainment.And I was a “fan” (more like aware of their existence and enjoyed some of their songs) of the band Lostprophets. Turns out the lead singer was a pedophile.Your perception of people can change after the facts, of course.

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canada goose uk shop Truly just an obnoxious hive of people here. I joined the h3h3 sub because I a fan, I enjoy their content, and I wanted to meet people who felt the same. Nope, can be a part canada goose outlet of a fanbase on Reddit. Do remember that the restrictions to his internet access and meetings were as a direct result of his efforts at manipulating domestic politics in the US and elsewhere. Let not beat around the bush here, he was using the embassy as a safehouse to continue efforts of targeted political manipulation and the Ecuadorians told him off and took away the tools he needed to continue doing so. They were well within their rights to expel him at that time.As much as a lot of people here my hate to admit it, but Ecuador, in taking away his ability to continue doing what he was, probably did him the biggest favor they could. canada goose uk shop

buy canada goose jacket cheap If I am correct, the city agreed to https://www.canadagooseoutletjacketss.com match a certain amount of funds. They only recently had enough to go ahead and order the baskets. More is still needed for Tee pads and signage. I never claimed you believed Alex Jones I said Alex Jones fans are “similar to you.” The reason is because in my original comment I specifically brought up Sandy Hook conspiracies and Pizzagate conspiracies and you replied that those were “just different opinions.” If you that genuinely stupid that you think deliberate calculated, insane lies are “just a different opinion” than yes, you are every bit as stupid as the kind of person that thinks Hillary Clinton is part of child raping pizza cult. If you not that stupid, maybe you shouldn have suggested that my difference with Alex Jones was a matter of “differing opinions.” So my question remains. Is the statement “curt_schilli is a pedophile” just a “different opinion” or is it a slanderous lie that no one should say in public without damn good evidence to support it? Furthermore, would you support the “free speech” of someone to get a prime spot on national television to spout this statement to a mostly friendly interviewer? If someone is opposed that person on tv stating deliberate obvious lies, would that make them “against free speech.” as you stated in your original reply? you need to answer these questions.. buy canada goose jacket cheap

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Canada Goose Outlet Obviously Jews do not all attend secret meetings where they explicitly talk about implementing the Kalergi plan. But the sentiments expressed in the original meme are not terribly different than sentiments being expressed by many people today. One would have to practice willful ignorance in order to not see the disproportionate role Jews play in the American government.. Canada Goose Outlet

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