How To Deal With An Abused Cat

It’s not always easy to tell if a cat has been abused just by looking at it. Some abused cats may show telltale signs such as scars, wounds, or a limp while many will show no visible signs at all.

There are two different types of abuse; physical and mental. It is a terrible thing when a cat is abused in any way, but believe it or not, a mentally abused cat is much harder to deal with than a physically abused one. Regardless of how the abuse occurred the experience will leave the cat traumatized and distrustful.

If you are dealing with a cat that has been abused emotionally you will need a lot of patience. The cat must learn to trust you and this takes time. How much time it will take to make friends and establish a relationship with the cat will depend upon how you approach it, the cat’s age, the level of it’s abuse experiences, and of course it’s natural personality.

The key is to take your time with the cat. Always speak to it in a low calm voice and try not to make sudden movements that may be mistaken as a threat. Every time you scare the cat it pushes it farther away from developing a bond with you. However, if you persevere by showing patience and kindness to the cat it will almost certainly become one of your best friends.

Keep in mind that in some cases, when a cat has been severely abused over a period of time, the healing process can be very slow. Also, the older a cat is, the more difficult it can be for it to be “healed”.

If you love cats and you want to help an emotionally abused cat then I wish you all the best. Just be patient and loving and you will succeed.

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  1. Great post and so true. I have a cat that was scared of everything for quite some time. If you made any sudden movements, sneezed or coughed or anything he’d run for cover. Now you have to shove him out of your lap most of the time and when he wants loving, you’d better give it to him!

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