House Ghosts

Hi I’m about to tell you a few things that I have seen and felt. I was at a friends house one day cause I was spending the night, we were in her room and my friend and I are in choir so we were singing one of our songs because we got bored. Well, when we were done in her closet we could her
little kids clapping. I asked her if she knew what that was and she told me that her closet and other places in the house are haunted. So I went over there and if you stand close to it my tummy started to hurt and I got dizzy. Later that night when we were getting ready for bed I felt a cold spot and then it felt like somebody touched me.  We laid down then a few minutes later it felt like somebody laid down right beside me but only my friend was here beside me.

I also have had a few experiences in my own home. It was a school day and I was in my sisters room getting ready cause she was up too. She was standing by her door and it was warm in her room no windows were open but she felt a cold breeze go by her door and it would do it every ten seconds so she told me to put my foot by the door and I felt it to it was like somebody was walking by her door but nobody was there. We started talking and I felt a chill run down my back then it felt like somebody touched me and then I went in my room and it sounded like one of my cats were playing with it but none of my cats were in my room then I was laying in bed when it sounded like we have an upstairs but we don’t but it sounded like somebody was walking in a room above mine.

One day I was in the kitchen doing dishes and I was the only
one home and my cats were in my moms room but it sounded like a cat hissed at me right behind me but there were no cats in the kitchen.

Written By Tabitha 2010

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