HIM The Angel Of Evil


Lucifer The Angel of Evil
Lucifer The Angel of Evil

We have all had dreamt of “him”. You know him when you see him you are frighten of him but you are intrigued by him. He is beautiful he is tall about 6’3 very long dark hair, a very old European look and absolutely gorgeous other worldly in fact . He automatically puts you at ease with a smile but there is something absolutely terrifying about him as well. His back can be turned, his head down, he can be sitting on a pew or walking away but you know him and he knows you.

 You want to talk to him, you have to talk to him. When he talks to you its never demanding it just listening like an old friend but the things you tell him you have never told anyone else and he delights in that. He cocks his head to the side smiles and he never stays longer than necessary just enough to unnerve you. Just enough to make you wonder why you told him those things you did. Sometimes he takes you to that deep dark secret and he feeds on the fact a part of you still likes what happen and would like it to happen again. Sometimes he will show you how people have called for him only to be deceived and tricked.

He likes groups to call for him those are his favorite because there is always one who believes in him totally.  But sometime he comes and he is very unhappy because you have not came to him fast enough or don’t believe so he will show you just who he is and ask you for a even trade. Sometimes he will knock on that dream window asks to come in and ask you for your commitment or tell you who he wants or needs.

You will smell him you will see him and you will pray harder than you ever had and beg for him to leave that person for just one more day and he will if your faith is strong. Crucifix, bibles, prayers have to be pure and from within to win against him. Sometimes he decides to walk this earth and when he does you will know him his face and eyes are dead but his smile isn’t. I thought maybe it was just me that had that dream of him but there have been others let me know if you have seen him.

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