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It was in 1945  when the US did the atomic bombings on Hiroshima and Nagasaki,  Japan. 65 years later, and  people are  dying from the radiation to this day.

Are you a smoker?   Do you feel well rested after a nights sleep? It has been proven that smokers feel up to four times more unrested  after a full nights sleep than one who doesn’t  smoke. Wow!   I need to quit smoking. I deal with kids and I need some good sleep.

Allergy advice:  By simply rinsing your nose out with lukewarm  salt water every day, you can help  keep your immune system up.   It  is said to help ward off those terrible allergies.

Pain medications are not as good as having sex.
Sex is a great pain reliever and happens to be ten time more powerful then Valium. Sex can also help to bring fevers down due to the sweat that is worked. The reason for this is right before a person has a orgasm the hormone oxygen goes up to about five times the normal level. There are a huge amount of endomorphism that is released in your body and helps to relieve pain through out the body including sever head aches.
So now if your woman tells you no because she has a head ache ( when really she doesn’t want it) you can tell her this…it will actually make her head ache go away!

Okay,  we all have heard that when we are born,  we’re born with eyes at almost full size. But did you know that your nose and ears never stop growing. Now we know why a person that is young may have a small nose and when they get old their nose is huge. So it is not just because people are digging for gold up there a lot!

Do you hate to be tickled?   I do some times but most of the times I laugh like a wild hyena. But did you know that your brain responds to tickling as panic?

Picture of all of the parts in your ear
Picture of all of the parts in your ear

Do you know that you have a bone in your body that is only .11 inches ( .28 centimeters) long? Yes,  this bone is located in the middle of your ear. It is called the stirrup or the stapes bone,  which ever you want to call it.

Ever wonder how many times you blink? Well with in one year the average blinker will blink their peepers 4,200,000 times.
That is 11,509 times a day 479 an hour and 8 for every minute.

Your cells die so fast that before you get this read, more then 50,000 cells will have died and been replaced.
That is a huge amount.

Every 3 months did you know that our entire skeleton is regenerated? That we get a new layer of skin every single month, we (an average person) will lose at least 100 strands of hair every day and way over ten billion flakes of skin. How do we get old if that happens all of the time and every thing is replaced. Very interesting huh?

You eat a big meal and believe this or not… it stays with you for twelve hours before it is digested all the way. Your body takes time to take all of the good vitamins out of the food that your body needs.

Here is one that got me.   I could hardly believe my ears when I heard this. The woman’s vagina is 10 times cleaner then our mouths. WOW now that is kinda sick I think.

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