He says, after accusing other people of being emotional

Posted by Roses on September 19, 2015
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It the worst nightmare for anybody ill on a holiday. Fact is you can fall sick any time. However small the ailment, alarm bells begin ringing in the patient head and those travelling with him/her. “On the fence gun people” don find a way to shoehorn their position on guns into totally unrelated posts the way you do.The best argument for gun confiscation is 5 minutes with any gun owner.He says, after accusing other people of being emotional. This is what I mean. No one saying “guns should be banned” (until I just brought it up as a satirical comment) but you reacting like that what being said.This overreaction, this vitriol, this viscerality this is what makes people who are genuinely not passionate about guns nervous.You guys don seem to get that.

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