He is no better than her in any way except that he gamed her

Posted by Roses on May 24, 2015
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But that doesn’t fit the Post’s script https://www.luxuryreplicabagby.com for political reporting. Next it was getting ILLEGALS to receive DRIVERS LICENSES when she tried to play the old CLINTON ‘shell game’ of being on all sides of the issue depending whom she was ‘speaking at’. Now it is not giving a ‘tip’ to some frowsy little waitress that HILLARY wanted to ‘schmooze’ at a photo op for HILLARY and her band of DEMBHOLE DIMWITS and sycophants.

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replica bags koh samui I am voting for him, but please stop the insults you don’t like it when I call him out on these things how do you think it makes the 18 MILLION (1/2 the voters for the Dem nomination) feel when you insult our candidate. He is no better than her in any way except that he gamed her for the nomination. That is fine I will vote for him but if you look at this blog, there is one anti Barak thing and 10 anti HRC things find something real about your own candidate instead of deflecting on what is wrong with the others.. replica bags koh samui

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