Haunted Hotel

Alivia-There were some very strange thing happening at a hotel we were staying at. The things that happened to us were both scary and made us a little curious that is until one night.

Mariah-It was one night when we were goofing off, we ran so fast that I fell on the stairs (on purpose). I layed down pretending I was dead. I look in the reflection of a window and saw a pair of brown trouser and a pair of leather boots on a person walking up the stairs behind me. I was thinking it was someone who was going in who thought I needed help.
I looked back and to my surprise I saw no one. But I had heard heavy footsteps walking up the stairs before and after I looked. I rushed to my friend Alivia and told her what had happen, she didn’t believe me until…

Alivia- I thought Mariah was completely  until I saw some one  looking like a foggy image of a person. I was in shock cause no one is see through. I immediately  told Mariah.  It sure enough was the same thing she had saw. The person had really bad style cause he had the brown trousers and a green shirt without anything written on it that I could see, I didn’t see the shoes but I had a feeling.

Alivia, Mariah- we were watching a ghost show (cause were crazy) and the lights and T.V flickered not once but twice. Then about five minutes later we heard strange growls. So we got really scared.

So the next day we investigated all the places that had the most paranormal activity and on video caught some pretty insane stuff. First, we repeated what we had done yesterday on the stairs with a hidden camera and caught the beams of a light moving back and fourth, and something weird was happening to the walls. Later that day we heard knocking, growling, and something like a rumble. (don’t know what it was). We are still puzzled about what had happened in this hotel.

so we will do further investigation untill we know exactly what was haunting us.

Contributed by Mariah & Alivia and Copyright © 2009 Best Of all Topics all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission. Thank you Mariah & Alivia

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