Growing up Haunted in Sydney Part 16

When my second husband and I were courting – he lived in an ‘Army House’ on the other side of town from where I now lived. It was a lovely bright modern house but I was instantly aware of the ‘ol someone moving out of the corner of my eye trick that had also plagued my mother’s house (ironically only five minutes away!). It was never too intrusive and kept its distance but I saw enough to know it was definitely male by its build, taller than my fiancé, had very short hair and broad shoulders.

As we were only courting, I wasn’t too sure how my then boyfriend would take the news he seemed to have ‘someone’ in his house but I was honest and just told him how I saw it. I didn’t see it as a fearful situation, the ‘person’ was in no hurry to make themselves known. They weren’t “doing” anything – they were just ‘there’ in the background.

On more than one occasion standing in the kitchen I would THINK my boyfriend had walked in and stood off in my peripheral vision. I would offer him a cup of coffee only to look up when he didn’t answer and find no-one there. “Hey I’d make you a coffee as well if I could,” I’d tell the ghost and put the kettle on anyway.

My boyfriend listened but didn’t really acknowledge my information so I accepted he was probably skeptical – which was fine. I was OK with skeptics, I didn’t have a need to validate my reality with them and I was accepting of their view. Hey I wouldn’t believe half the stuff I knew as fact, if I hadn’t experienced it myself first hand!

One day I arrived at his house to visit as a surprise and called out from the front door for some time. Not getting a response I found the front door open and let myself in. You entered this house down a long hallway, at the end of which was the lounge. I walked down the hall and the sound of loud gunfire and warfare let me know my boyfriend was playing some war-game on – no wonder he hadn’t heard me at the door!

As I stepped into the lounge – he was seated immediately on my right against the wall, pounding his controller madly as he re-fought WW2 for the umpteenth time! He looked straight ahead at the TV and I realized he hadn’t seen me come in as I was in his peripheral vision. I stepped further into the room and he didn’t flinch. I stepped again and waved and he still didn’t acknowledge me! I was starting to get annoyed when I took a third step – instantly my boyfriend shrieked, dare I say like a woman, threw his controller, leapt backwards against the lounge – knocked that over, clambered over the lounge and scrambled into the corner by which time he had focused on me.

“Oh its you,” he smiled getting up, “I thought you were him,” he admitted. “HIM?” I exclaimed, “you mean you HAVE been seeing him too?” My boyfriend started righting the furniture and looked a bit sheepish seeing he’d braved combat zones and the thought of a ghost had sent him shrieking and tumbling over furniture, it took a lot to admit, but yes, he’d been seeing this ‘guy’ ever since he moved in some years before but hadn’t wanted to admit it.

Written by Jennifer Mills-Young, Copyright 2009

7 thoughts on “Growing up Haunted in Sydney Part 16”

  1. as always, this was great, and i’m glad he acknowledged what you had seen!! thanks. and why are your experiences moved in here?

  2. Hello trolldoll! It was decided that one of the story parts would be published here as sort of a way to help introduce to the trueghosttales readers and vice versa.

  3. That was the first time my (now) husband ever acknowledged he could see ‘ things’ too and was quite funny in retrospect! Oh to have his reaction as he jumped over lounge chairs, screamed and cowered in the corner on video would have been halarious! We laugh about that day now.

  4. I’m not sure why they moved my stories. I think the people running the site have decided to spread my stories between the two sites.

  5. Hello Jennifer – It was decided that one of the story parts would be published here as sort of a way to help introduce to the trueghosttales readers and vice versa.

  6. Love your stories! You have experienced a lot! I have lived in a few haunted homes before. One memory that came to mind after reading part 16, was in a basement apt. under my sisters house in NJ. The place always creeped me out but I didn’t have any evidence or sightings, just creepy feelings in certain parts. Anyways, one night I was laying on the couch (which was in the center of the room) watching tv when I felt and saw on the edge of my peripheral vision my dad stand behind the couch and put his hand on the back of it. He caused a shadow on the tv and I felt the back of the couch move under his hand! Yet when I made a joke about the show on tv (without looking up) I got no response from him.. So I looked up and no one was there!! It made me jump but I was too scared to move beyond that.. No one ever believed me but now I know that if i am crazy, at least I’m not alone! lol! Just joking.. 😀

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