Ghost at the End of the Bed

May 23, 2009 my friends and I were trying to have a normal, Girly sleepover. For us a normal sleepover isĀ  watching scary movies, Telling ghost stories, talking about boys, and silly things like that!

But our neighborhood is something different. It was said that our neighborhood was built on an old burial ground. Up the street they had a portion of it left surrounded by a black fence, in which they had a few graves left.

My house is said to be the most ” haunted” you can hear footsteps once in a while when everyone is asleep, and sometimes in the corner of your eye you can “see” things. That was why my house was so interesting.

Well, the night started out with me, Jessica, Lynn, and Danielle. We came to my house and ate some crappy food. The we went downstairs and watched 2 or 3 movies. In my basement, there is a spare room with two large double doors and a king-sized bed that we were going to sleep in. What we did is have us sleep Horizontal instead of vertical for more space.

We talked, and talked, and talked, and then we herd something. All my family members were asleep. From down in the basement we could hear heavy footsteps from above. They were slow and steady. We all were VERY freaked out, but in a few minutes we turned off the lights, and tried to go to sleep.

Lynn, woke up to the double doors flinging open. It was very loud. It was just my dog, and my sister Nicole. My dog jumped on the bed, (He wanted to sleep with us.) When my sister left she shut the doors. Then she came back, to pet the dog, and she left, but left the doors open. That’s when Lynn saw it.

It was about 6 ft tall and it was hunched over, and its outline looks as if it had hair. It paced around the bed, 3 or 4 times. Lynn thought it could have been my sister, but She confirmed she was asleep at that time.

After we talked to my sister, we woke up Danielle, and noticed she had some type of grass substance under her. We went searching throughout my house, and found the same substance in the office.

Months later, my sister and I were wrestling on my bedroom floor and I looked up, and saw a large black figure run across the hall! I almost peed my pants. We all think that whatever it is, is not nice. After asking a Ouija board, it said that the thing was trying to harm my sister.

Never move to my neighborhood.

Written by Morgan, Lynn, and Danielle, Copyright 2009

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