FILE In this Sept, 3 1992 file photo, Argentinian cartoonist,

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Anderson Cooper: And you don’t know what the stormtroopers look like. Martin: It’s a statistic. It’s a statistic. FILE In this Sept, 3 1992 file photo, Argentinian cartoonist, Guillermo Mordillo, poses with a toy giraffe, a replica of the figure frequently appearing in his drawings at an exhibition held in honour of his 60th birthday in Hamburg, Germany. Mordillo, distinguished for his chubby figures with round noses that provoked both laughter and reflection, has died at age of 86. A post in his official Facebook profile on Monday, July 1, 2019 confirmed earlier Spanish media reports about the Argentinian artist’s death on Sunday in the Spanish island of Mallorca, where he spent long periods.

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