Don’t be Scared, Just Dealing With It

I can not say exactly when it all began, but all I know is that it has been happening as young as I can remember, and now I am in my twenties, and it still happens, I’ll share one of the 100s of unexplained stuff that has happen/happening to me. 

  It all started in the house I grew up in Vancouver BC. I would have the same dream over and over again, so clear, as if I am living this scary movie: 

 I am sleeping in my room, in my bed when the door opens to my room.. It was closed before I went to bed I am thinking, I am glued to my bed, I can not move, talk, all I can do is see and feel scared. I hear it sliding towards me,I am thinking what is happening. The best way to describe it is a person dragging the weight of their own body on the ground with their arms slowly while picking up speed. Than it is at the foot of my bed, pulling over my covers over its body coming towards me slowly. Without seeing its face, I could tell its was tall as an 8-10 year old in height. It touches my feet, I never see its face but I feel its not human.  Dream Over.

I wake up with a big tapping noise on my window but I refuse to open my eyes, it keeps on going, tap, tap, tap,getting louder each time. Okay now I am annoyed and I think its my sister trying to scare me, so I stop hiding underneath my covers to tell her to “stop it”. The noise stops, and as you know it my bedroom door was wide open (even though I closed it before going to bed and the window is open about an inch. Now I am kind of startled.

You see I am scared of bugs so there is no way I left my window open, especially all night. Also I like my privacy so I like to have my room door closed at all times. My sister and I have our own separate rooms beside each other. My Mum, Dad and Sister claimed to have never have opened anything in my room. My cat and dog do not have opposable thumbs to unlock plus turn a door knob, let alone open a jammed sideways sliding window. So all is ruled out. It must be sleep paralysis.

This happen for years of my life, the same dream over again, more real each time.  Than the night came which I would never forget, well I guess there is many but this is the one I am sharing with you all out there.

It was the summer before going into highschool, and I was having more free time hanging out with my friends, having sleep over’s with my girlfriends, and my first boyfriend! So I was hardly at home and if I was at home I would be chitchatting on the phone.
You see I had so many new things going on in my life that I forgot about “what goes bump in the night”.

I had a dream one of those summer nights,it was more real than before. This time I felt it touching my face my legs, the weight of it on me, but I still could not see it. I was trying to fight it off of me for the first time, I was fighting back. But it out powered me.  I woke up with a big bang that morning and I was laying on my back facing the ceiling, (which I hardly do because I am a side sleeper). It felt as if I was placed like that..

When the blurriness of my eyes settled I noticed my ceiling was dirty, I looked closer to see the ceiling was covered in black chalky hand prints everywhere. I paused..what is this? Some kind of joke?? Someone took their time out to do this. This 10′ by 10′ box space room, was covered everywhere, like it got a bunch of high fives. Some hand prints were on the ceiling light and on the wall beside the door.  But not by the window??

Anyways I ran speechless to my parents room, waking them up, I was in a panic even my pets could sense it too, I took them to my room to show them, and I demanded to know if my dad did this..

Because it was big hands, like a mans hands.  He said he did not, and they believed I did that.  I am a 5′ tall gal and my ceilings were 10′ high. 

This is still to this day unsolved and my parents believe that I did that myself. I could not wash off the hand prints off, and it remind vivid for 2-3 years until my father repainted my room.  We sold the house a year ago, but this thing whatever it is follows me till this day but never did that stunt again.. I hope it never does.

This is one true story I shared with you all.  I wanted too because I just want to let you know that who ever it going through what I am, to not be scared or try not too show your fear. Whatever it is, it feeds off of fear, panic, whatever.  It wont go away and it will probably follow you for the rest of your life like how it does to me. But you just have to learn to deal and ignore it.  Its a learning experience each and every day of my life, maybe yours too, who knows maybe in 40, 50 years this can be explained, and hopefully solved.

Sent in by Shibly Sharma, all rights reserved copyright 2010

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