Did Unicorns ever roam this earth?

Do they still roam our earth  today?

What is the Unicorn?

unicorn rainbowIt is a beautiful  legendary creature that has been around for many many centuries.   It  is described  to look like a horse only with a long spiraling horn in the center of it’s head.   Some say  that the star that you see in our modern day horses is the scar from the unicorn.

In medieval times,  it was  thought that the unicorn held many powers such as curing a person from poisons and protecting  one from terrible  diseases  as well as many other powers.


Many during this time would sell what they would call a unicorn horn.   This  was most likely just a horn from a narwhal.  A narwhal is a very large whale that swims in cold waters and uses its horn as a weapon.  Today, we call it a tusk.

The traditional look of the unicorn was to have a beard like a billy goat and tail of a lion and cloven hoofs.  Really,  if you think about it,  this would make sense because only the cloven hoofed animals today have  horns.
It was even said the the unicorn was a fierce animal as well as being very easily provoked.   It was said to be  a nasty creature of sort with a  deep voice.


A very long time ago,  there was a giant unicorn that was seen by man and was hunted. Now this is not the type of unicorns that we see in fairy tales or movies.  This  was depicted as a rhinoceros type of creature. This creature was said to be six feet tall and eighteen feet long from head to tail with a six foot long horn that was mounted in the center of its head.

However,  we really do not know what the unicorn actually  looked like.   There were many  different views of how  this creature looked.

It was once described by Julius Caesar that it had a deer’s head and elephant’s feet, a tail like a boar and a three foot long horn. (ummm what did the body look like,  I wonder?) There are really so many different out looks on how this thing looked…  now we see it as a horse.   What was it really?   Was it indeed anything at all?

Maybe there was just  freak of nature and it spread through out many lands and each time the looks of it changed over and over.   This has happened  many times with legends.

Here is some thing that I had never heard of before until now.  There was a wide spread tale that went around the world telling why the unicorns no long roam our earth any more.

It is said that when Noah built his ark and brought in all of the animals, he left the unicorns and did not bring them on to the ark.

The reason for this is one of many as follows:

“All of the beasts obeyed Noah when he admitted them into the
ark.  All but the unicorn.  Confident of his strength he boasted ‘I shall swim!’.  For forty days and forty nights the rains poured down and the oceans boiled as in a pot and all the heights were flooded.  The birds of the air clung onto the ark and when the ark pitched they were all engulfed. But the unicorn kept on swimming.  When, however, the birds emerged again they perched on his horn and he went under and that’s why there are no more unicorns now.’

This is just one of many tales of why Noah never took the unicorns onto his ark.   This particular account was a Ukrainian folk tale.

If the unicorns never walked on our earth before, then why does every country have the tale of a mystical beast?    There are many drawings of these creatures as well… in many different places.

I for one do believe that they existed here but they had no powers.   They were just like our animals today.

They had a mind of their own and that is why they could never be tamed and  was why they were spotted so little because they knew how to keep themselves well hidden from man kind.
Many hunts was set to kill such of a beast not many ever came back with any thing.

unicorn goats

We still have unicorns today… not horses,  but other animals of all different kinds.   Not long ago there was a fawn that was born with a single horn sticking out from its head.   This why I brought up the freak of nature thing because these things  can happen.


So you as the reader… what is your view point on this creature?   Is it real or fake… or as I have said,  a  freak of nature,  and the story was told over and over till no one really knew what it was?

Written By Tasha Slone all copy rights reserved 2009

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  1. I heard of the star in the Horses head was as well the scar from the horn that was once there. But who really knows if they really roamed our earth at one tome it would be nice to think they did. But there are som many different writtings about these creatures there must have been some thing to it but man kind most likely kill them all out like he has done so many times before with other creatures. Thanks for the share

  2. Terrific work! This is the type of information that should be shared around the web. Shame on the search engines for not positioning this post higher!

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