Creepy Footsteps

I was in the 4th grade, now I am in the 6th grade. This is one of my true stories about my old house in Honesdale, PA.

It was a normal day, sunny, warm and in the summer. My dad drove me to school, and my brother Alex, but in the evening of the day at school, my brother wasn’t feeling too well, and the school nurse decided to send him home to my dad. So my dad came home from his work early to come pick him up, I obviously stayed at school, and he took him home.

When they arrived at my dad’s house, they relaxed on the couch and my dad got Alex some cold medicine. At that time, our cat, Shaggy, was on the couch with my dad and Alex while our dog, Butchey, was on his bed in front of the fire place sleeping. My step mom, Dane, was at her work.

It was about 11:00 when my dad and brother heard a noise of what sounded like someone walking upstairs on the wood floor with hard, metal soled shoes on.  They were a little frighten, because at first they thought that maybe somebody broke into the house. My dad told Alex to stay at the bottom of the stairs, in case, whoever it was, came downstairs.  My dad went up stairs to search all the rooms and hallways. He came down, and said he saw absolutely nothing, no people, nothing surprising.  So they lied  back down on the couch, thinking about what just happened.

My dad came later to my school, with Alex, to pick me up at 3:00.
They were pretty quiet, suprisingly. Alex was hesitant to tell me what happened at the house while I was in school, but my father stopped him every time he tried to tell me.

Later that night, Alex asked my dad if he could tell me, and my dad said alright, but not to scare me. I knew I wouldn’t get scared, so he told me.

None of us still don’t know why that happened, but it did.  We try not to think about it a lot anymore, but I can still remember every little bit of that night…

This is a true story, don’t get scared, but it is.  I have lots more to tell, and I hope to read many other sorts of scary stories from others.  My favorite holiday is Halloween, and my favorite stories are ghost stories.

Written By Lauren Sandercock copy right by all rights reserved no part of this stary may be used with put permission

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