Common Misconceptions of Vampires

After Hollywood, Bram Stoker and Vlad the impaler, it is easy to have misconceptions about vampires. Nothing more than clichĂ©’s, these are a few just to list your misconstrued views.

1) Why is there no evidence of bite marks?

In Romania, a vampire was simply a zombie who stalked and killed in the night. Fangs,and the actual drinking of blood was added by Hollywood. Now some will claim, “I really do drink blood” and there’s a common explanation. PICA – is a food disorder in which a person’s body craves a certain nutrient and will do anything to get it even if it means eating weird things. People have been know to eat chalk for its calcium and since Iron is the number one deficiency in nutrition in which blood contains iron, people will probably drink it to get the Iron.

2) Why is there no evidence or recollections of the previous life?

Common sense has it USA passports were not international until the 1920’s – before then it was not unlawful to travel without papers in the 1800 and 1700’s. Given that cars are a fairly new invention within the last 60 years asking vampires for driver’s licenses is ridiculous especially young ones who have been around long before.

2) Vampires are allergic to light.

Another Hollywood myth. Again Romanian version is of a personified dead person who kills in the night. Does it have to be at night? No, it just simply makes it easier so no one sees and to stay out of human views.

3) Vlad the Impaler was NOT the first story of a vampire.

Stories in the region of actual happenings were handed down and it just so happened Bram Stoker picked the best one Vlad Dracul.

4) (adding a bit to #3) Vlad the Impaler did in fact exist, but there is only one picture of him that rests at a synagogue on a island.

Vlad was named Dracula after his father Dracul and wasn’t known as the impaler until he conquered some of his enemies to show the rest of his country his might.

Later he was captured and while in prison he would torture and watch spiders die. Although true his bedroom inside he castle (which also exists) was right above the torture chambers he never did drink blood. Today the castle is said to have inspired Bram’s mind and people claim of strange lights emanating from it.

5) The “Fresh” Appearance.

People of Romania claim of vampires having nails, hair, pallor, life like noises and almost a “fresh” like appearance as if they just went to sleep. Some even claim of hearing noises from the ground.

There are two explanations one of which is and some probably already know – the slow decomposition of the body during death.

The other is, during the time without proper medical equipment (might also explain accounts on the other side of the world) people were actually buried alive. Possibly even able to escape if it was a shallow grave or unburied casket, then sought revenge for whoever tried to bury them or just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time of a murder/death.

It is even plausible that back in the days people often died in their sleep so whoever was “a vampire” was blamed for killing all these people as they dream in their beds. That’s probably how the tradition of vampire hunting started as people died in night so grave diggers would “check” by nails, hair, pallor, fresh blood, or anything that make a dead person “alive”. Of course if someone was buried alive, yes there would be scratch marks if the person didn’t die of asphyxiation or collapse of the rubble due to pressure quick enough which could explain the “noises from the ground”.

6) Pale Skin Color and Eyes.

Yes its possible for humans to have an abnormal skin color and eyes. This is hereditary, nothing more than protein within the body and pigmentation. Yes Albinos exist, Juandice, and other malignancies in skin pigment to cause such conditions. Unless your skin is grey/blue/or black then there isn’t anything to worry about.

Tanning also seems to be an issue – but again hereditary. People with lighter skin tend to burn more than those with darker skin due to how much melanin, yes within 10 minutes especially if in water because water is absorbed quickly by the sun. Take into consideration the environment that people that also live in colder climate who go on vacation  somewhere hot. Now for the eyes, yes a person’s eye color can change and those with “special” eyes it’s rare but it does exist. People with blue eyes and gold flecks, and some with green with yellow or blue flecks.

7) Why won’t you ever find a vampire?

For the same reason as hunting at night and Aliens, the human mind can’t comprehend and human emotions for some who want to become one to “better” their lives aka “use” a vampire or worse vampire hunters.

Written by The Earth Writer, Copyright 2010

6 thoughts on “Common Misconceptions of Vampires”

  1. Thankyou Bob.People are misguided by Hollywood and common ailments in the medical field that back then were shrouded in superstitions.Some of the “inflictions” are basic hereditary while others are behavorial such as children biting or spitting in daycare. The more severe cases if you will are people who are mistaken for dead because people often forget back before the Enlightment age- everything that wasn’t explained was something supernatural or religous. This includes the Black Bubonic Plague that killed millions and anyone that suffered it was thought to be “cursed” and the same with Scarlet Fever during Colonial times. All this can now be explained with the illegal works of 1800’s grave robbers contributing to medical science and recieving handsome sums for turning in cadeavors,wars where medicines had to be invented and ancient remedies such as brain surgery used by Egyptians long ago.

  2. actually there is a real medical disease that is basiclly called the vampire disease cause it causes a severe loss of ciren vitamins and only blood helps. if they dont get blood their skin cracks and forms abrasions,their hair starts to fall out, they get really weak and they look like they r decomposing. so technicly because of that disease vampires r real but as long as the person gets the blood they need they r just fine.

  3. number two answers my question and suports the reason i asked it. if vampires are suposedly stronger than humans, then why do people sayb that sunlight hurts them and so does fire. in my opinoin, being a vampire means that one would be LESS sensitive to sunlight. not that i am going against it for all you real vamps on the site. i just dont see the logic in it. even though everyone who believes says that logic and science are not what to go by, i am not using that, im just saying i dont understand.
    for example, lest just say you are the weakest and least athletic person in school. one day, this totaly random wizzard casts a spell on you that makes you 100 times stronger and you can now lift anything unger 1000lbs and can run for a whole day. would it make sense if you could do all that but your only weakness is that you cant open a ketchup bottle…mmmm…ketchup….ah! focus!
    so im just saying that it makes no sesne to me that vamps, being strong and all that, are weakened by the sun. but maybe its just another movie/book thing

    also, no offense to those who it is true for ^,.,^

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