The Greek Goddess of love: Aphrodite

When most people hear the name Aphrodite they think of love and beauty. Usually negative thoughts wouldn’t appear since typically love and beauty are positive qualities and possessions, but that is exactly the way that the Greek goddess of love is remembered. Being in the center of many controversies, it is a surprise as to why majority of people do not know the truth behind this scandalous goddess.

There are two different stories as to how the goddess Aphrodite was born. It is often said that she was born from the sea-foam in the ocean. Yet a less common version comes from Homer that states that Aphrodite was the daughter of Zues and Dione. The fact she was born an adult makes the first of the two situations more probable. Even though she had no childhood she often was childish and vain. Her vanity is even said to be the start of the infamous Trojan War.

Despite all her beauty that she was naturally given, she was given away for marriage to the least attractive …

Rakshasa (Vampires) Existence in Hindu Mythology

According to Hindu mythology, the Rakshasa were considered to be demonic in appearance and their sole intention was to drink blood and eat the flesh of humans. They appeared either very beautiful or quite unattractive in appearance. According to my research, some are said to possess poisonous fingernails, shape-shifting ability, and increased strength and could move at extraordinary speed. On the other hand, there are also sub species of vampires which are the opposite. Does this sound familiar, anyone?

The 20th century romanticized ideology which is currently so popular is contrived in comparison to the observations of my great-grandfather. Vampires are commonly perceived as “evil” or the latest trend in vampirism suggests a level of benevolence, depending on your point of view. It is interesting that vampires are not viewed as possessing a plethora of emotions and attributes’, as being intelligent, possessing a level of morals and beliefs, it is either black or white. Just another reminder of how dominant western ideologies promote certain beliefs and perceptions’ to the detriment of other thoughts which exist …

Pele The Hawaiian Goddess of Fire and Volcanoes

Ka wahine’ai honus is the Hawaiian goddess name but has been shorten down to Pele.

Pele has been known to have reveal herself many times to the people of Hawaii. She is said to be the Goddess of lighting, fire, dance, violence and most of all volcanoes.

The Goddess had a vengeful way about her and out of spite she would cause the volcanoes to erupt. This is what the Hawaii people tells.

Pele was said to be born in Honua-Mea which is part of Tahiti. She was just one of the sisters out of six other sisters and seven brothers.

Pele loved to roam and left her home. One of the stories is that she was exiled by her farther Kane Milohai who is said to be the creator of the heavens and the skies and earth. The reason for her exile was because she had a very bad temper. Another was that she had fought with her elder sister Na-maka-o-Kaha’i whom is the Goddess of water and Pele had seduced her husband.

Pele …

Thor The God of Thunder

Thursday comes around once every 7 days, yet do you realize what the word Thursday comes from or its significance? Thursday is the combination of “Thor’s day” which is  a day celebrating the life of one God, Thor. The most popular and known God of Norse mythology is known for his connection with thunder. Back in the time of the Vikings in Germanic and Scandinavian countries, thunder was not simply a weather occurrence, it was controlled by Thor.

He was the son of God of Thunder, the chief god of the Germanic people, and Lord, a personification of the uninhabited earth. Thor was married to Sif who was a gorgeous fertility goddess. This made Thor the stepfather of Sif’s child Ull who was the god of archery and skiing. With Sif he had a daughter named Thrud, and with a mistress Jarnsaxa he fathered two sons Magni and Modi.

In paintings and art depicting Thor, he is portrayed as a large muscular man with red hair and a beard. His eyes were like lightning in …

Was the Bible Influenced by Greek Mythology?

In looking at the many world’s religions, one can find similarities at nearly every turn in the stories.

Most involve the world being created by a higher power, a separation of that higher power from mankind, a great flood that covered the land at one time,  a human representation of that higher power, an emphasis on war and some way of redemption.

While myths differ from religions in that religion is a more all-encompassing term…

many  mythological accounts of events, especially Greek mythology,  correlate with those in the Christian Bible.

Creation Stories – The Bible & Greek Mythology

There are differences in the creation stories…with some similar essentials, such as the world beginning in darkness.  In Greek mythology this darkness is called Chaos.  Chaos is the beginning of all things, and from this darkness came the earth (Gaea), Eros (which represented love)  and the underworld (Tartarus).  In the Christian Bible, God speaks and it is so.  Where in Greek mythology it is many gods who are responsible for bringing the world and the …

Pegasus The Flying Horse And Bellerophon


pegasusPegasus has always fascinated me. Pegasus is seen in lots of art work and used in many poems. He is one of the most famous myths in Greek Mythology. Read the history of Pegasus and enjoy it as much I have enjoyed writing this piece.

Pegasus is from Greek Mythology and belonged to Bellerophon. This beautiful wing horse was born from the blood that was spilled from the Queen of the Gorgons Medusa. She and Poseidon the God of all waters mated and she was already pregnant by him when Perseus cut here head clean off her shoulders.

Pegasus also had a brother that sprung from the blood of Medusa. He was called Chrysaor and was described as a winged Boar. Both creatures were born fully grown from the blood of Medusa.

Bellerophon tamed this beast by using the magic bridle that was given to him by Athena.


Bellerophon was a Korinthian Hero. Bellerophon rode Pegasus into battle against the Khimaira which was a fire breather. This was a creature that had the …

Mermaids Real or Not

waterhouse_a_mermaidThere has been a legend that a type of sea creature called mermaids and mermen for centuries. Most call them merfolks. They are described as half human and half fish or sea serpent. This is a tale that is well known all around the world. The myths of these types of creatures date back to ancient times of the world and has been  related to the Syrian goddess Atargatis.

To some these are beautiful creatures with good qualities  to them and never want to hurt any living soul but to many these types of creatures are not very nice for they would try to take ships and sailors to the dept of the dark waters with them. They have a song that is so sweet and no man can resit it that will lure ships to them they have been related to being much like the sirens with their songs. They were said  to sing a lullaby tune and put the crew of the ship in too a deep sleep and then the mermaid would …

Did Unicorns ever roam this earth?

Do they still roam our earth  today?

What is the Unicorn?

unicorn rainbowIt is a beautiful  legendary creature that has been around for many many centuries.   It  is described  to look like a horse only with a long spiraling horn in the center of it’s head.   Some say  that the star that you see in our modern day horses is the scar from the unicorn.

In medieval times,  it was  thought that the unicorn held many powers such as curing a person from poisons and protecting  one from terrible  diseases  as well as many other powers.


Many during this time would sell what they would call a unicorn horn.   This  was most likely just a horn from a narwhal.  A narwhal is a very large whale that swims in cold waters and uses its horn as a weapon.  Today, we call it a tusk.

The traditional look of the unicorn was to have a beard like a billy goat and tail of a lion and cloven hoofs.  Really,  if you think about it,  this would make …

God Poseidon Of the Sea’s

Poseidon is the god of all waters, fresh and salt as well as of the horses and earth quakes too, and is a brother to the great Zeus and to Hades. he is the son of the Great Cronus and Rheia. Poseidon was older then Zeus as well.poseidon140

After their father Cronus was over thrown Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon divvied up what would be ruled by them. Zeus got the sky’s, Hades got to be the ruler of the under world and he got this his watery domain.

His weapon was what is called the Trident which many has said that the pitch fork that is link with the Devil when held upside down resembles Poseidon’s weapon the Trident.

So even parts of Poseidon is linked to the bible

Poseidon was the the second supreme God of Mount Olympus but he would always prefer to stay in his water kingdom.

When sailors would go on a voyage they would rely on Poseidon to keep them safe and secure they would some times make sacrifices of …

Is The Sphinx Much Older Than Egypt?

It has long been assumed that the Sphinx and the Goddess Sekhmet were constructed under the command of an Egyptian Pharaoh, but what if these two objects are much older than Egypt? In fact there is much evidence that points to these massive structures being around 13,000 years old. And as an interesting note Edgar Cayce, a well known psychic from Kentucky, came up with the same age for the Sphinx.

The Sphinx has the head of a human and the body of a lion while the Goddess Sekhmet has the head of a lioness and the body of a human being. Is it more than coincidence that the two “creatures” are the opposite of each other? To me it seems as though they had a direct relationship with each other, or at least they did in the minds of their designers.

What was the original purpose of these legacies and who were their builders? I think we can be fairly certain that the original purpose of the Sphinx and the Goddess Sekhmet were much …