Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac began their music career in 1967 as a British blues band. By the mid 70’s they’d relocated to California and became a pop group. The band’s name came from the combination of Mick Fleetwood and John McVie.

The idea to form the band had came from Peter Green, both Fleetwood and McVie had been in a band with Green. The three had joined together at Greens suggestion and formed Fleetwood Mac. The fourth member of the band was Jeremy Spencer.

Ironically, over the years the only things that have remained the same with Fleetwood Mac has been the band’s name and the rhythm section of Fleetwood and McVie!

Although, many bands have went through member changes, Fleetwood Mac changed both their members and styles with almost every new album! Even amidst all the changing going on the band still somehow managed to release albums that attracted a very loyal fan base.

The band’s debut appearance in August of 1967 at the British Jazz and Blues Festival got the band a record contract! Fleetwood …

The Doors

“The Doors” was born on a Southern California beach in July of 1965. Jim Morrison and Ray Manzarek ran into each other on Venice Beach and Morrison told Manzarek he’d been writing songs. Manzarek insisted that he sing one of the songs, Morrison sang “Moonlight Drive” and the impressed Manzarek suggested that they form a band.

Manzarek was in the band “Rick and The Ravens” and after John Densmore joined the band in August, Morrison, Manzarek and Densmore along with the Ravens recorded a demo that included six songs in September of 1965. That same month Robby Krieger joined the band playing guitar.

The band didn’t include a bass player like most other rock bands, instead Manzarek strummed out the bass sounds with his left hand on a new invention, the Fender Rhodes bass keyboard! When playing any other keyboard Manzarek always played with his right hand!

By 1966 the band was playing at the London Fog Club and later moved up to Whiskey a Go Go. While playing there on August 10, Jac Holzman …

ZZ Top

Whether you’re a die hard fan or not, if you’ve ever seen and heard ZZ Top, it’s quite likely that you’ll never forget them! This Texas born and bred, gritty blues band has a look that’s almost as popular as their music!

Long beards and sunglasses, cool guitars and hot cars, will always be trademarks that devoted ZZ Top fans automatically associate with this classic rock band! And, we can’t leave out the sexy women that always show up in their videos!

Since 1969, “That Little Ol’ Band From Texas” has hard rocked their way into music history. ZZ Top holds one very special distinction that separates them from most of the bands of the 60’s and 70’s.

While almost all of the other bands went through member changes on an seemingly regular basis, ZZ Top’s original members have stuck together through thick and thin. And, until September 2006, Bill Ham had served as their friend, manager and producer from the bands beginning!

ZZ Top was comprised of Dusty Hill doing vocals and working his …


At the age of four, John Kay and his family, made a dangerous midnight escape out of post-war East Germany. Growing up with the Armed Forces Radio, John was inspired by artists like Chuck Berry and Little Richard.

Born Joachim Krauledat, he made the decision to make rock and roll his life at the early age of 13. John said, “Considering I was only 13, legally blind, spoke the wrong language and was on the wrong side of the ocean, maybe I was a little optimistic”!

In the face of all those adversities, by the time he turned 14, John was on the other side of the ocean in Toronto, Canada and had his first guitar! His education in the English language was acquired from disc jockeys and music!

He performed acoustic blues while traveling America and performing in bars and coffee houses. In 1965, he met and joined “Sparrow”, a Canadian band. The band moved to New York and then to San Francisco and joined the music scene in the Bay Area.

After several …

The Rolling Stones

In the list of the many things that’s changed the direction of the world, you’ve got to include The Rolling Stones! Since their invasion into the music industry in 1962, the world has never been the same!

The Stones took various styles of music and magically melted them together into one exciting new sound! They totally extended the sounds of musical instruments into a new galaxy! And, started a “Stone-fever” that even to this day there has been no cure for!

Their first real gig was in 1962 as “The Rollin’ Stones”. The band included Mick Jagger, Brian Jones, Ian Stewart, Keith Richards, Dick Taylor and Tony Chapman.

In the beginning Jones had set out to produce a Chicago blues style of music. But, Richards and Jagger added a little Chuck Berry style of rock and roll to the mix!

Before long Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman joined the band and they were scheduled to play at the Crawdaddy Club. The gig ended up lasting for eight months until they signed a management deal with …

Lynyrd Skynyrd

The band that evolved into Lynyrd Skynyrd and would prove to be one of the greatest bands in rock and roll history started out as “My Backyard”. Formed by three teenage friends, Ronnie Van Zant (Vocals), Gary Rossington (guitar), Bob Burns (drums) and Allen Collins (guitar), in Jacksonville, Florida.

The trio would practice their southern rock blues anywhere and anytime they could and started getting gigs playing at a lot of clubs and dances. In 1968 the band enters a Battle of the Bands contest and wins.

The winnings are used to recorded “Michelle” and “Need All My Friends” which was released on Shade Tree Records. They then got to appear as the opening band forĀ  some southeast shows for the California based band, Strawberry Alarm Clock.

Before a gig in 1970, Van Zant jokingly introduces the band as Leonard Skinner! Mr. Skinner was the high school gym teacher, he was very strict on enforcing the dress codes and had suspended them several times for their long hair! Mr. Skinner had said, “You boys ain’t …

Van Halen

Eddie and Alex Van Halen became interested in music as young boys, they grew up taking classical piano lessons. But, their interests in musical instruments changed and Eddie started playing drums, while Alex learned to play guitar! Eventually they would end up switching instruments!

The brothers formed their first band in 1971 called the “Trojan Rubber Company”! By, 1972 they’d reformed into the “Mammoth” band and added Tim McNulty on bass guitar.

For several years they did small gigs in and near their home town of Pasadena, California. David Lee Roth was added on vocals,and Michael Anthony on the bass. Their band, “Mammoth” became very popular with the local crowd.

They discovered that another band was using the name “Mammoth”, so in 1974 they decided on “Van Halen”. They became even more popular by self promoting, before gigs they’d hand out fliers at all the local high schools.
The band got a break in 1976 while doing a gig at one of the local clubs. Kiss bassist, Gene Simmons saw them perform and liked the …

REO Speedwagon College Band Success

REO Speedwagon was born in the fall of 1967 at the University of Illinois. The band was formed to play cover songs in the bars on the colleges campus.

The groups strange name came from a truck, the REO Speedwagon, that was made by the REO Motor Car Company. Speedwagons were often used as fire trucks and were first manufactured in 1915!

Originally formed by Neal Doughty and Alan Gratzer, Terry Luttrell, Gregg Philbin and Gary Richrath had finished out the lineup by 1971.

Little by little during their performances they’d began to do some of their own songs. By 71′ they’d compiled enough original material that they caught the attention of Epic records and landed their first contract!

Their debut album “REO Speedwagon” was released in 1971. Although, at the time the record wasn’t the success the band had hoped for, it produced classics like “157 Riverside Avenue” and “Sophisticated Lady”.

During their first few years the band went through three lead vocalists. After their debut album Luttrell left the band, replaced with Kevin …

The History Of The Eagles

The Eagles are counted among some of the best selling artists of the 70’s! They became a symbol of Southern California rock and roll and are still just as popular today!

Don Henley and Glenn Frey met in Los Angeles, California in 1970 while members of Linda Ronstadt’s band. They followed Ronstadt on a two month tour and afterwards decided to form their own band.

Ronstadt’s manager, John Boylan teamed Henley and Frey up with Bernie Leadon and Randy Meisner with the intent of creating a back up band. The four musicians had other ideas and formed the Eagles!

The band signed their first recording contract soon after forming with Asylum Records. And, left for London with producer Glyn Johns to record their first album.

The self titled “Eagles” album was released in 1972 and brought the band three Top 40 singles. “Take It Easy” went to number 12 on the Billboard Hot 100 and took the Eagles to super stardom almost overnight!

Their other two singles from the album, “Witchy Woman” went to number …