Captain Cook Cruises has a number of options for sale during

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Where: Rogers Arena1. Adam Lambert. Queen guitarist/astrophysicist (it true!) Brian May recently told Guitar World that the singer do all the stuff that Freddie (Mercury) did and more. Captain Cook Cruises’ flagships, MV Sydney 2000 and MV John Cadman II, will celebrate the tenth Vivid Sydney as official participants in the festival’s ‘Harbour Lights’ display, providing passengers with an excellent opportunity to watch the city come alive in a spectacular array of lights and projections from May 25 to June 16. MV John Cadman will carry the ‘ilovesydney’ lighting installation and MV Sydney 2000 the official Vivid Sydney installation, with both vessels sailing through a spectrum of light as they cruise the harbour precincts. Captain Cook Cruises has a number of options for sale during the period.

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