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Black Sabbath has it’s origins in Aston, Birmingham, England. The original members of the band were Terence “Geezer” Butler, Tony Iommi, Ozzie Osbourne and Bill Ward. In 1968 the band was going by the name Polka Tulk Blues Company. A short time later they changed their name to Earth.

Did you know that Iommi actually left Earth for a short time to go on tour with Jethro Tull?

In the beginning their music was a combination of jazz, blues and rock. Their main fare were cover tunes of songs by Jimi Hendrix, Cream and the like. Ozzie has always said that he was influenced by the Beatles.

The sound and feel of Earth began to change after Geezer Butler started getting interested in occult subjects. In fact, Butler was the one who wrote the song Black Sabbath. According to Butler he wrote the song after he experienced a vision in which there was a black figure in a hood.

In 1969 the group discovered that another local band was using the name Earth. To make it worse they learned that they were being called the “Wrong Earth”. That was when the band spontaneously decided to use the title of the new song as their name. Thus was born Black Sabbath.

Within four years Black Sabbath was famed around the world as one of the best heavy metal bands.

Around 1977 Ozzie seemed to start losing interest in the band. Very often he didn’t show up for rehearsals. In 1978 he recorded with the band, but the problems were still unresolved. In 1979 the band officially asked Ozzie to leave.


Over the following years Black Sabbath has gone through many changes.

Ronnie James Dio (1979–1982)

Glenn Hughes Ray Gillen (1984–1987)
Ian Gillan (1983–1984)

Tony Martin (1987–1991

Ronnie James Dio (1991–1992)

Tony Martin (1992–1997)

Original Line Up Reunion (1997– )



Black Sabbath Discography

Black Sabbath 1970
Paranoid 1970
Master of Reality 1971
Volume 4 1972
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath 1973
Sabotage 1975
We Sold Our Soul For Rock ‘N’ Roll 1975
Technical Ecstasy 1976
Never Say Die! 1978
Heaven & Hell 1980
Mob Rules 1981
Live Evil 1982
Born Again 1983
Seventh Star 1986
The Eternal Idol 1987
Headless Cross 1989
Tyr 1990
Dehumanizer 1992
Cross Purposes 1994
Cross Purposes Live 1995
Forbidden 1995
The Sabbath Stones 1996
Reunion 1998
Past Lives 2002
Symptom of the Universe: The Original Black Sabbath (1970-1978) 2002
Black Box: The Complete Original Black Sabbath (1970-1978) 2004
Greatest Hits (1970-1978) 2006
The Dio Years Apr 2007
The Dio Years UK Tour Edition Nov 2007
Black Sabbath: Live at Hammersmith Odeon May 2007
Heaven & Hell: Live at Radio City Music Hall Aug 2007

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  1. Black Sabbath was an awesome band with Ozzy! I didn’t really care for them after he left to be honest…but the early days were some of the best music ever! I enjoyed reading about these guys…great article!

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