BIOGRAPHY Of King James VI of Scotland and King James I of England

King at 13 Months.

Mr. King James name was James Charles Stuart.

He was born in June 19 of 1566 at the Edinburgh Castle in Scotland. Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley was his father and was murdered on February 10th 1567 at the Hamilton’s’ house before James was even a year old. Mary, Queen of the Scots was his mother and was soon forced to give up her throne because she was suspected to have been involved with the murder of James father Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley.

So at the age of 13 months was when baby James was crowned King James VI on July 24 of 1567. The reformation leader John Knox gave the speech at James crowning.

Mary Imprisoned

Mary was soon imprisoned by her cousin Queen Elizabeth of England in England. Then after 19 years later after her imprisonment Mary was executed in February of 1587 for being involved in the plane of the Roman Catholic conspiracy trying to assassinate Queen Elizabeth.

King James was raised by neither mother nor father but he kept a relationship with his mother all way till she was executed.

It was said by James that Mary never tried to convert him to her beliefs in her religion. He had four tutors but the one that had taught him the most was George Buchanan who was a staunch Calvinist.

King James was one of the most smartest and curious man that ever set on a throne due to the strict teachings of Mr.George Buchanan at the age of 64 was when Mr.Buchanan started to tutor King James.

King James was schooled in many subjects and many different languages. He could fluently speak French, Latin, Greek, English, and Scots and was even schooled in Italian and Spanish.

James remarked at one point that he could speak Latin before he could speak his native language Scots. Due to James linguistic capabilities he did not need a translator when he was doing business with other country’s.

It was said that the kings writings were some of the most important and influential British writings to exist in this time period due to the teachings from George Buchanan which had been being taken in from the time he was little.

James Writings

In James writings it also tells of an incident where him and Queen Anne had went on a hunt and she accidentally fired her gun and killed James favorite dog by the name of Jewell. King James was outraged until he found out who did it then he went to her in much kindness and knowing that Queen Anne felt so badly about this and was hurt over it so much. King James went and bought her a diamond worth £2000 and told her to look at it as a legacy from his dead dog and to show her that he was not mad about this and to ease her mind about the whole thing.

Basilikon Doron is a treatise on government

In 1599 King James wrote the Basilikon Doron in Greek this means Royal Gift.

It was to begin with was just a private and confidential letter written to his eldest son Prince Henry, Duke Of Rothesay who was born in 1594 but after Henry’s death in 1612 the letter was to be passed on down to his next oldest son, Prince Charles born in 1600. It was printed in Edinburgh in 1599 and in London in 1603.

This letter was broken down into three short books which all together contain 153 pages. King James had his printer Robert Waldegrave to swear to secrecy and that there was only to be seven copies printed of this letter but some how the intelligence of it had got out and was soon spread all over the world.

After this book became such of a demand King James decided to publish it for the public and it soon became one of the top best sellers in his time. He had it published in French, Latin, Welsh, English, German and Swedish for over 50 years.

King Takes Reign over Scotland At 12

From reading what the King had written in 1616 he had began to take control over Scotland when he was only 12 years of age in the year of 1578.

He took Anne of Denmark as his wife in 1589. Anne was born in 1574 and was 14 years of age when James and her were wed.

Anne had set sail for Scotland but due to a bad storm was forced to dock at Norway. With this James set sail with three hundred strong retinue and Got Anne Personally and they were wed on November 23rd 1589 in the Bishops Palace in Oslo.

James loved his wife very much and would write her beautiful poetry to show her and tell her how he felt about her. They had nine children together only seven that lived past birth and only three that lived to be in age.

Here is a list of their children

1. Henry, Prince of Wales (born February 19, 1594 – Died November 6, 1612). Died from what might have been typhoid fever,at the age of 18.

2. Elizabeth of Bohemia (born August 19, 1596 – Died February 13, 1662). Married 1613, Frederick V, Elector Palatine. Died at the age of 65.

3. Margaret Stuart (born December 24, 1598 – Died March 1600). Die at the age of 1.

4. Charles I of England (born November 19, 1600 –Died January 30, 1649). Married 1625, Henrietta Maria. Executed at the age of 48.

5. Robert Stuart, Duke of Kintyre (born January 18, 1602 –Died May 27, 1602). Died at the age of 4 months.

6. Mary Stuart (born April 8, 1605 –Died December 16, 1607). Died at the age of 2.

7. Sophia Stuart. (Died in June 1607 within 48 hours of birth.)

Which was just a few steps away from 36 barrels of gun powder that to be set off the next day. Guy Fawkes was executed as well as the others that was evolved with this scam. Every year in England on the 5th of November there is a celebration and is called Guy Fawkes Night.

King James had been King over Scotland for 36 years when Queen Elizabeth died March 24th of 1603.

King James was made King James I on July 25 of 1603. King James had decided to unite the Scottish and the English Crowns. His was now known as King James VI of Scotland and King James I of England.

Soon he had united Ireland with them as well and then was called Great Britain. He had requested in October of 1604 to have the title of King of Great Britain.

Now in 1607 King James was the first founding Monarch to discover the United States and it was under his reign that the first colonies was planted on the American soil of Virginia, Massachusetts and Nova Scotia which is Latin for New Scotland in SE Canada. King James himself wrote and personally authorized that it was ok for the Evangelistic Grant Charter to settle on the new Colony of Virginia.

King James was so set on the Idea of to give his subjects the greatest gift ever. This gift was the Bible. He wanted to let every one know about the word of God and let his subjects be saved and learn from the word of God and feed on the words.

The King King James Bible Starts to Form

In 1604 of January James had called the Hampton Court Conference so he could hear things and learn from what was going on and he even pretended to be amiss in church.

Dr. John Reynolds which was a Puritan had requested that King James should get to do new translation of the Holy Bible because the translations that were done by Henry the VIII and Edward the VI were corrupt and needed to be redone to be made right.

The request was granted and the King was so over joyed by this and in July of 1604 he had assigned 54 men to his translation committee.

These men were the best not only in the kingdom but in the entire world at being scholars and linguists. Much of the work from these men that was done on the Bible has formed most of our basis for our linguistic today.

One of these men by the name of Dr.Lancelot Andrews had mastered more then 15 different languages. By the time this man was only 6 years of age he had read the entire Bible in Hebrew. No one had ever seen such work or knowledge before nor afterwards.
Every language that was needed was knew by these men.

How The Bible Came Together

These men did not only know the languages of Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek biblical languages but they also knew and was very fluent in the related languages that would shed light on them such as Arabic, Persian, Coptic, Syriac, Latin, Chaldee, Spanish, French, Italian, and Dutch.

In 1611 they had finished what they had started and still today is the best selling book of all time and most people takes the King James Version of the Bible to be the final word of our Lord God.

The King had a life filled with many great accomplishments, he was just a man, a man who was very acquainted with grief. King James was a very sick man who had many illnesses with a few physical handicaps as well in his legs and he had a tongue that was to big for his mouth. He had had many falls and several accidents and injuries. Crippling arthritis, gout, abdominal colic, frequent diarrhea, kidney pain, weak/spasm limbs, and with all of that inability to sleep as well.

Many had thought that he had congenital diseases of the nervous system. It was said that the king would be in such great pain that he would become delirious.

queen Anne before she died painting

On top of all of the Kings bad suffering from his health he was suffering from a great depression due to losing his beloved Queen Anne in 1619. Queen Anne was becoming ill before her death by their oldest son Prince Henry in 1612.
Every one knew that the King was no stranger to pain and sorrow because his whole life was filled with that from the time he was a baby.

On March 27, 1625 in Theobolds Parks in Herts England King James had died peacefully in his bed at the age of 59 years old. Unlike most of the rulers every one said that he was at piece with all of his foreign countries and subjects. He had passed the crown to his adult son Prince Charles I of England who was very unusual as well as he was. He was laid to rest at Westminster Abbey.

Here it has been nearly 400 years from the time he died and the legacy of King James is still alive and going strong through the King James Bible itself and still today his work brings allot of man kind together and those of us who believes in what the bible says we have knowledge of Jesus Christ because he was a smart man and shared what he knew with us and we are still learning from it today.

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