Be Careful What You Wish For

Ok, I was brought up around ghost stories. I’ve basically heard them all. When we were growing up my cousins and I used to trade them like baseball cards. So, when I was warned not to ever say “I wish you were dead!” I laughed it off. That is until….. one night.

You see I was around 12 years old and my sister and I shared a room. We also shared a bunk bed where I slept on the bottom and she on top. We are 11 months apart so it’s not uncommon that we were always fighting over something. Well one night, I cann’t even remember why, we got into a really ugly argument that grew into an actual fight. Well we were pulled apart and I was so angry that I yelled out “I wish you were dead!” to my sister. My stepdad warned me to take it back because “You are never suppose to wish death on someone.” Of course being young, angry, and stubborn I refused.

 We were sent to bed early for fighting. We glared at each other feeling that it was all the others fault. We eventually fell alseep. I was awakened later that night by a low noise. When I opened my eyes I was frozen with fear. I promise on everything I love I saw a black hooded figure looking down on my sister. It was standing right beside my feet. Its face was so pale with dark soul less eyes. Tears started to flow from my eyes. I felt hot and  cold at the same time. My mouth was so dry. My heart raced. All I could do  was pray. I prayed for her not to be taken. I prayed to God for her to be  left alone. I begged. I promised to never wish death on anyone ever again.  I prayed so hard. Now I know what your’e thinking…. Duh!! Your stepdad  played a trick on you for wishing something so evil, but no. You see I  never closed my eyes that night. It was like I was hypnotized. I guess I thought if I closed my eyes it would take my sister away. The thing  vanished before my eyes. As soon as it was gone I jumped up and checked on her. She was alive. In the morning I told everyone what happened. They  were all a little freaked out. I could tell they didn’t really believe me.  My stepdad told me “You see. You need to be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.” It has been my motto since.

But you know I didn’t learn my lesson. I’ll say about 5 years ago my cousins and my husband went out. I again was really angry and told them “I hope you get pulled over tonight OR you see the devil.” They laughed, which got me even angrier. I slammed the door behind them and fell asleep watching t.v. on the couch. I was awaken later that night or very early that morning by them runnig in the house. They told me that as they were driving home a man was walking on the road. As they approached the man they slowed down as to not hit him on the narrow road. The look of this man scared them all.

Now they have seen drunks,even really bad drug abusers, and this was neither. I was told the man had a scary demon face. As they peeled out the man disappeared. I thought they were teasing me until I looked deeper at their features.Even the best actor in the world could not have pulled off the fear and paleness of their faces. Then one of them, I can’t remember who, yelled at me. “It was because of you! You wanted us to see the devil and I think we did. Maybe not the devil himself but it was something evil!” In a way I felt bad, but I also thought well thats what you get. Next time ya’ll won’t go out.  Everthing I have written is true and its just the tip of the iceberg.

Sent in by aolvera, Copyright 2010

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