Attorney General Eric Holder

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Specifically, MADOFF caused those investor funds to be sent from a BLMIS account in New York, New York (the “BLMIS Client Account “), to accounts held by MSIL in London, United Kingdom (the “MSIL Accounts “), and further caused funds to be transferred from the MSIL Accounts to either the BLMIS Client Account or to another bank account in New York, New York, which was principally used to fund BLMIS’s operations (the “BLMIS Operating Account “). MADOFF directed these funds transfers, in part, to give the appearance that he was conducting securities transactions in Europe on behalf of the investors when, in fact, he was not conducting such transactions. MADOFF also directed the transfer of funds from the MSIL Accounts to purchase and maintain property and services for the personal use and benefit of MADOFF, his family members and associates..

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